Thursday, September 8, 2011


Max Morgan is new in town and trying to build his massage therapy clientele from the ground up. It's a pretty saturated market, so to get a leg up on the competition, Max employs a few extra tricks. Corey Jakobs is really just looking for a good massage to work out the kinks in his back, but it quickly becomes apparent to him that he has gotten more than he has bargained for. Not that he objects, especially when Max's soft touch moves beneath the towel and Max starts massaging Corey's asshole. Before long at all, Max is going all the way down on Corey, and not too long after that, Corey is balls deep inside Max- seems like Max's method for getting clients to come back is to let them cum on his back!

Скачай это ВИДЕО!


Casey Spooner (featuring Jake Shears), "Spanish Teenager" is the first single from Casey Spooner's solo album, Adult Contemporary.

Directed by Luke Gilford
Executive Producers: Logan Media & Nowness
DP: Michael Totten
Produced by Leda Maliga & Ayanna Hart

Aussielicious TV

This is the first episode of Aussielicious TV. It's the behind the scenes look at me photographing Andy, a straight Greek stripper mate of mine.

This is the first edition of Aussielicious TV with the shoot of Andy my straight stripper boy getting nude at Lady Bay beach on Sydney Harbour.

Kieran braved my camera lens again after I froze him to death last time. This time I had him walking around in my complex car park at 2am and lying on the concrete. He's a trooper and the photos turned out great!

My friends and I went to Byron Bay for four days. The beaches are beautiful, the boys are hot and the weather was stunning, even well into Autumn. I spent a couple of days sunbathing naked and swimming naked and generally relaxing.

naked guys photos

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