Friday, January 6, 2012

Brown Eyes, Dees, Maverick Sterling, Nature Boy, Pleasure, Ricco Blk, Ricky Parker

Ricky Parker, Pleasure, Dees, Brown Eyes, Nature Boy, Ricco Blk..
A high-class dining room plays host to these dirty fuckers. They start off with a group blow-job session, their black muscle shinning under the moody lights. Then it's time to hoist some of these horndogs up on the table to have the living daylights fucked out of them. Their heads are forced down across wooden dining table where all they can do is moan and stare disbelieveingly at the size of the tool being shoved inside of them. They finish off by spilling their loads all over the elgant table.CLICK HERE

Jake & Russell

Jake & Russell
There's plenty of passion when this blonde and red-head get together. Regardless of whether they're kissing each other on the lips or on the ass, Jake and Russell sure love getting intimate with each other - you'd think they had no idea anyone was filming them.CLICK HERE
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