Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carlito, Chaz, Hershey, Killah, Magnum

Carlito, Chaz, Hershey, Killah & Magnum
These five black studs have found the perfect hole to take out their energy on. But first they rub down their incredibly toned bodies, showing off abs and ripped muscles. Want to know the most unique thing about this thug orgy video? We've gone bareback! Prepare yourself for some raw black-on-black anal action. CLICK HERE

Adam Watson, Sebastian Kane

Adam Watson & Sebastion Kain
Adam Watson should never have answered the message our cameraman left on his internet profile. Both horny as fuck, the guys meet up and very soon Adam is restrained to the bed and made to endure a massive, sustained anal pounding, arse slapping and finally the best hand-job ever. He pumps out stream after stream of white cum into Sebastian's waiting hand. Powerful and horny, Sebastian makes Adam cry out in painful pleasure as Sebastian works Adams hole with toys and chain.CLICK HERE

Braulio Cardenas and Manolo Garcia

Braulio Cardenas and Manolo Garcia
Sucking face with such incredible passion, you'd swear these twinks were hopelessly in love, Braulio and Manolo are quick to strip off their clothes and get into some sweet oral. Braulio shows Manolo's throat no mercy, face fucking him hard, and Manolo loves every second that thick monster is inside his mouth. Braulio starts slapping his ass, priming it for a good pounding, then he goes hard on it with his cock leaving a big load of cum on his bare hole once he's done.CLICK HERE

in the changing rooms and showers of a local public park

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek has hidden a small video camera in the changing rooms and showers of a local public park. Here he captures local football players changing up after kicking a ball around on a Sunday afternoon. They have no idea they are being filmed with their naked bodies captured on camera. See the full spycam video at!


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Hicky Davis & Tommy Rodriguez

Hicky Davis & Tommy Rodriguez
Here's a video we've been dying to see, two of the hottest Czech twinks in the biz get together for a hot sweaty fuck that doesn't disappoint. Ripped, hung and completely stunning, these two performers are going to make you crazy in lust. They start by jerking their big dicks across the room from each other before indulging in some reciprocal dick sucking. Then Hicky can take no more and has to shove his cock deep up Tommy's hole. Lucky for Hicky, he gets covered in his own and Tommy's loads' by the time their time is through.CLICK HERE

Jason and Aaron

Jason and Aaron
Last Christmas I decided to do a shoot in Palm Spring - its where I met Jason Denver, and I really wanted to bring him back for a little shooting with that HUGE cock. I recon it was well and truly time for him to use that big dick and fuck some tight ass. I think you will enjoy this hot and steamy video.CLICK HERE
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