Thursday, October 11, 2012

Worlds Lost Tribes, Adventure Mark & Olly; Kombai Party

2007 Discovery Travel Channel. Any amazing chance to film some of the most remote people left on earth. They live entirely off hunting and gathering and threw a huge 'sago grub' party which was plagued by accusation of witchcraft. I filmed and directed.

Koteka Funny

Wokabout West Papua

A traveler to West Papua is initiated with a Penis Gourd ceremony...

Naked Boxer

Naked Marine Boxer Cherry Point North Carolina BRKS


This hilarious viral was directed by Peggy Steenvoorden, and not produced by BANANAZ. But we have Peggy in our database to make virals with, and is a particular prime example of her skills. A promotional video was requested by the Swedish tourist agency to highlight the beauty and endless skiing options of Sweden. BANANAZ thinks this viral is the perfect solution to their request.

In The Casting Room, handsome young Bobby is an outgoing lad who is always up for a good time and doesn’t care who looks at him naked. His big full kissable lips and deep blue eyes make him appear really innocent but when a dirty sneering smile crosses his face he appears experienced beyond his years. He has a lean and muscular body at the moment but his arms are growing bigger as he has been training as a boxer. It’s good he’s being immortalized on film now before his beautiful mug gets all smashed up in a fight.


Скачай это ВИДЕО! Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels finds himself all alone, so he thinks, at the resort pool. After a swim, he rinses off in the shower and discovers that you are watching him. Being an exhibitionist at heart, Christopher knows what you want and he invites you to watch him as he pleasures himself. He moves to a lounge chair where he strips naked and sports an impressive cock engorged and pulsating with every stroke of his hand. Watching his tight abs contract as he stroked his cock is certainly a site to be seen! He then bends over for you and spreads his ass as he slips a finger in his beautiful hole. Knowing you want to see him shoot a load all over his tight abs, he then lies down on the chair and continues stroking. He lifts his legs and upon putting a finger up his ass and stroking, he cannot hold back any longer and shoots a nice load just for you. Enjoy!

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

Праздник клещевого энцефалита

Папа TV! 2011 НК Колорадский папа, г. Красноярск


вадим стриптиз.mp4

Выпил виски и полез танцевать

2 straight dudes dry humping

Rockets Shooting Out The Pee Hole In Alabama! (+18)

This dumb-ass tries to celebrate the 4th of July by putting fireworks in his dick! Fails miserably.

skinned man Contemporary Dance

Top Up Down Bottom