Monday, October 22, 2012 Dirk Caber and Dean Monroe

Coach Dirk Caber is disappointed in Dean Monroe’s performance so he thinks a little private training is in order. First he ties Dean’s arms behind his back and makes the jock run in place. Not feeling the performance, Dirk strips the jock’s pants off and ties his balls up so Dean’s cock flops against his belly as he continues to run. Next there are forced push-ups and then sit-ups for the boy. But they both seem to get side tracked by Coach’s big dick getting visibly hard in his shorts. Coach decides it’s time for another type of training…

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EricDeman has a hot new video of a group of naked guys who come home after a night drinking at the clubs. They have a wash off but can’t decide who should have the bath first. The stark naked straight guys jostle with who gets to use the bath water first while their friend films them laughing. See thousands of videos of hot lads exposed at EricDeman.

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video del richar en la ducha

DD interview: Jörg Rudolf - naked gay yoga teacher

Discodamaged interviewed Jörg Rudolf after his naked gay yoga class in Berlin-Schöneberg. Click the headline for more. Jörg runs three naked gay yoga classes per week: Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm and Sunday at 7pm. It's at the Ashtanga Yoga Schule, Goltzstr. 21 and you can just turn up. Lessons last about 90 minutes, beginners welcome, cost about 11€, first lesson is cheaper.
The interview was shot in high definition, so try it on full screen.

Coming next: Eigk Weber Berlin club promoter, same time, Friday April 9th.
Film and photos by Alexander Huber
Produced by
Shot 10th Feb 2010

Trimming my pubes with garden shears.

Crazy Drunk Guy Streaks Nude Across From The Pier Bar To The Cairns Mud Flats While Heli Lands

Emmett Skilton nude in The Almighty Johnsons

Pinoy Gay Kamasutra

3 Nalgas en Rosario

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Trevor Wright,Jordan Yale Levine & Ryam Fleming naked Maniacs:Field of Screams(2011) !!!

Anicca - Dandelion Dancetheater Work Sample

Dandelion Dancetheater's Work Sample 1

10 minutes of ANICCA excerpts

Created collaboratively by Dandelion's Interdiscplinary Ensemble, with support from the Dancemaker: Creation to Performance Program of Dance USA/Irvine Foundation. Presented by ODC Theater.

Performed throughout Project Artaud in San Francisco.

Filmed by Austin Forbord/Rapt Productions, July 2006.

More info:
Top Up Down Bottom