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Курьез в прямом эфире

Голый мужчина прервал тележурналистку греческого канала Patra TV, посреди ее рассказа о Супер Ралли.

Свой пенис он скрывал черным чулком, который надел на него. Журналистка не сразу заметила, что мужчина совершенно голый, за исключением носка надетого на половой орган от солнца, и по-прежнему рассказывала о ралли.

Однако, как только ее взгляд опустился ниже, она смутилась и прервала свой рассказ под хохот толпы.

Голый мужик.

решили парни покупаться и тут я успел это зрелище заснять)

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Knäckebröds dansen

Knäckebrödsdansen 2010 - Soltorg

Ruggerbugger catches on video Harlequins rugby star George Robson with his cock and balls peeking out during a scrum! This 26 year old towers at an impressive 6ft 5in and make an incredibly intimidating figure on the field. But in the midst of this group of sportsmen slamming into each other he accidentally exposes his tender penis as his shorts are ripped aside. See the full video and much more of Robson exposed at Ruggerbugger!

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The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek caught the horny, muscular swimmer coming back for another swim. He secretly films him through a hole in the cubicle. This time he starts pulling on his dick for a quick jerk off session. He's got a fine cock and you can almost smell the chlorine and the spunk in these changing rooms.

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Joey Hard is a sucker for fun, new electronic toys. He got an A on his last Geometry quiz, so his mom bought him a remote control helicopter. Joey's friend, Tyler Sweet, stopped over to check out the whirring novelty.

Tyler comes up with the idea to have the copter lift off from Joey's crotch. They giggle as it sits, then takes flight. But something else happened. As Tyler situated the toy on top of Joey's pants, Joey felt his dick becoming more plump, and throbbing noticeably. Tyler can tell exactly what's going on. In fact, he was hoping Joey would pop a chubby. The boys give in to their racing hormones, and Joey allows Tyler to suck his stiff cock. Watch Tyler slurp and bob on Joey's gorgeous boner. Then see Joey return the favor as he helps himself to a nice helping of Tyler's sweet fatty. Playing with new gadgets and toys makes boys like this feel very experimental. They're getting tastes of each other's tender holes before taking turns sliding their dicks in to one another. You won't believe the way Tyler unleashes a powerful pounding upon Joey's soft, Twink ass.

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Knäckebrödsdansen Anton, Jeppe & Suthat

Knäckebrödsdansen Laxå

Tjejkväll i Falun- Knäckebrödsdansen


Knäckebrödsdansen @ Hortlax Julspex / 09-12-22 \

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Kotiteollisuus 3 live @ Ruisrock 10.07.2010

Doing Jackass With Your Mates Part 2

When I Do a Session (CANVAS Painting Performance) Neil Curtis

This is the videoclip to my song "when I do a session" featuring a painting performance with the model Eldon Pulak. The basic idea was to put paint on the body and smear it all over. The video also documents the process of covering the body from head to toe.

Louis Garrel as Jonathan in 'Dans Paris' (2006), 26m

Crónica de una familia cuyo lema sería: "Esfuérzate en ignorar la tristeza de los tuyos ". Tras romper con su novia, Paul vuelve a casa de su padre en París. Se instala en el dormitorio de su hermano Jonathan y se niega a salir de allí. Su padre y su hermano intentan ayudarlo para que venza su dolor y supere la ruptura sentimental. Mientras tanto, los parisinos están preparando las fiestas de Navidad.

'A Complete History of My Sexual Failures' (2008), 50m, 53m, 58-61m

Chris Waitt se afana por ser un hombre patético en su máximo concepto, y con ello logra que las mujeres que forman parte de su vida, y que se prestan a aparecer, logren humillarlo y acentuar su patetismo aún más. Eso provoca risa y logra cierta empatía, por ello la cinta explota este recurso y, a pesar del acusado egocentrismo, en un punto muy similar al Woody Allen de sus inicios, resulta lo más divertido. Sus encuentros con sus ex novias, la aparición estelar de su madre (espléndida) y su empeño en continuar con su proyecto a pesar de las dificultades de la producción son brillantes, con un montaje dinámico y una banda sonora muy adecuada.

Embarrassing Illnesses - Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer's the most prevalent cancer among men between 14-40 years old. One's chance of getting the ball busting disease are about 1 in 250. Yet, most men still don't talk about testicular cancer, let alone take the proper precautions to prevent it.

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