Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Car wash

naked drunk man busts ass into tiki torch

a drunken crazy naked man has to do a naked lap after an unfortunate game of peer pong involving the destruction of a tiki torch


EricDeman has a smoking hot video of a horny footballer practicing keeping his ball up while totally naked! He must have one of the leanest, most muscular bodies we’ve seen. See him demonstrating his considerable skill in the full video on EricDeman.com!

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At BreederFuckers strapping young straights like Terry need to be tied to gyno chairs to be fucked in the way he deserves to be. He’s stripped naked and his genitals are interfered with. He keeps hollering insults so his insolent mouth is gagged with his torn underwear and a thick leather belt. His perfect cock and balls are roped up. Then it’s time to pound that tight hole by hammering a dildo into his ass. He’s viciously fucked by his captor and his asshole is covered in cum which is fed into his mouth.


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BoundJocks.com: Dean Monroe

Dean Monroe wakes up to find himself hogtied on the floor in his bathing suit. As he rolls around struggling to get free he discovers there’s a large butt plug up his ass as well. This excites him and with his hands still bound behind his back, Dean starts to play with the butt plug in his hole. This gets him so hard and excited that he can’t help but blow a huge load!

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BE A WOMAN from Continuum PerformanceArt on Vimeo.

Performed by Jonatan Lopez
Documented by Hilary Scullane

White Noise, The Clean Laundry Project
Soap Suds Coin Laundry
Houston TX Sept 2012
Presented by Southmorehouse
Top Up Down Bottom