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  • January 19, 2013 Paddy O'Brian & Levi Madison

    The agile and stunning Levi Madison is a man of many talents. His lean, toned body is builtto assume any number of positions all made to sexually please. The handsome and strikingPaddy O’Brian is the man and the legendary cock on the receiving end of Levi’s talents.You can tell by the repetitive involuntary clenching of his buttocks and flexing of his thighsthat the oral magic being worked on his cock and balls by Levi is sensational. Levi’s oralskills are world-class and he positions himself perfectly to take every long and wide inch ofPaddy’s tool. Every now and then you will see his tongue snake out and add a lap or stroke.It’s so intense, Paddy must have been challenged to turn Levi end-for-end, to see if his holeoffered the same thrills. It does, and three positions of deep penetration serve to bringdroplets of sweat coursing down Paddy’s brow and hairy chest as a precursor to the hot, wetloads they both release..

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