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At BreederFuckers, Sean is tied with his feet suspended in the air so they are completely at the mercy of Dave’s cruel treatment. He flogs the sensitive soles of his feet until they are burning pink. Now any pressure inflicted upon them create absolute agony. His big plump hairy ass gets a whacking from Dave’s bare hand until sharp hand prints are visible. Adrian can’t resist breaking open this straight man’s tight asshole by taking out his nasty power tool and plowing his ass mercilessly. As if the pressure of being deep fucked weren’t intense enough, Dave clamps his nipples to his toes. He administers more lashes to the achingly sore soles of his feet so that if he jerks them away the clamps will be torn from his nipples.

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Pavel Petel - Candy Ride

Pavel Petel - Candy Ride from Pavel Petel on Vimeo.

Close Your Eyes Xmas

Close Your Eyes Xmas from Frank Moore on Vimeo.

The Midnight Roses

The Midnight Roses from MTK PROD on Vimeo.

A Journey with Bacchus - Trailer

A Journey with Bacchus - Trailer from MTK PROD on Vimeo.

A Journey with Bacchus - Trailer Starring Leroy - in Bordeaux France. © Meton Atopik 2012.

Mark Heffron - Naked Fun at Clear lake

Mark Heffron - Naked Fun at Clear lake from Mark Heffron on Vimeo.


Apocalypse pls - crazy naked guy runs through park for the end of the world

Naked fishing

Dirty Erika Lust.avi

'Perdita di Fiato' (2012), 7½-7¾m

Francesco Falcon, famoso porno attore, sta inutilmente cercando di cambiare il suo passato quando l'improvvisa perdita di fiato, respiro e voce, porta le cose a prendere una strana piega...

Liberamente tratto da "Perdita di Fiato" di Edgar Allan Poe.

Regia: di Edo Tagliavini
Con: Francesco Malcom, Alessandro Valori, Paolo Ricci, Alessandro Rella, Tania Love, Lara Russo, Manlio Maresca.
Dop: Marina Kissopoulos
Scenografia: Paolo Dore
Musica: Pazi Mine, Trucchi
Fx: Tiziano Martella
Pene Prostetico: Athanasius Pernath

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