Wednesday, January 23, 2013

At BrutalTops handsome groom Master Billy and his best man Wayne hatch a deliciously evil humiliation for pervy peter the caterer. Taking turns to fill their perfect bum holes with cake icing the Tops squeeze it back out, decorating the sub's face and lips with their sweet sticky enemas, much to their amusement.

Something's missing; Billy grabs a handful of cake and shoves it up his best man's ass so he can push out chunks of the fruity brown mixture into the sub's open mouth, ordering peter to chow it all down before detailing their puckered holes with his tongue. The feel of warm wet lips and a tongue lapping at their bumholes turn the Tops on. Sub peter could only dream of what happens next; the groom and best man kiss each other passionately.

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フル・ モンティ FULL MONTY

LE BOY RIO HAKAN & CIE 2012 11 15 (2)

Крещенское купание 2013

'Anchieta, José do Brasil', 12-18, 34-6, 43-6, 68-72, 76-80, 83-93, 124-9, et al Bum Rush, Scene 5

A rock solid core is a must have for any serious athlete. Tattooed muscle hunk Franko Gold gives his sexy workout partner Rogerio Matteo a helping hand in the gym. Working that core, Franko holds Rogerio’s legs in place as he completes a brutal set of ab-crunches. Unable to resist Franko reaches down between those muscled legs for a playful grope. Rogerio smiles and welcomes the interruption.

Stripping off their boxing trunks, Franko wraps his hungry lips around Rogerio’s ample piece of uncut meat. Rogerio’s cock springs to life as Franko feeds on his big dick.

Getting down and dirty on the gym room floor Franko is bent over on all fours and taking Rogerio’s big bone from behind. The gym fills with the manly grunts and groans of two men going at it hard. Rogerio delivers a steady pounding of dick, punishing Franko’s ass with his big tool. Taking Franko on his back and then letting Franko ride wild on top Rogerio’s big cock slowly fills to bursting with dick juice. Standing up Rogerio takes his meat in hand and unloads a hot facial of cum all over Franko’s sweat drenched face. With cum showering down on him, Franko strokes his thick meat in unison and adds his gushing load to the mix.

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Naked snow dive

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Top Up Down Bottom