Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Fixing an uncomfortable horse bit into peter's mouth, BrutalTops Master Joel and Master Lukas take turns to ride their human pony bare-assed in timed laps, each competitive Top cropping the life out of the sub to gain an edge.

Collapsing exhausted on the floor, no amount of beatings can raise the beast, so instead it's mouth is put to work detailing it's Master's dirty sweaty feet, Lukas feeding it his toes to suck while Joel tramples it's pathetic little cock. Lying spent on the floor, it's ass burning red from the brutal crop use, peter's utter humiliation is compounded with an eyeful of Joel's gob.

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After a hard game of cricket sporty Guy goes into the makeshift locker room at BreederFuckers and is disgusted to see that it’s a space also used by the grounds men. It’s time this star player and hairy stud gets taken down a notch and learn what it’s like to be sexually used and abused by the men who watch him lustfully from the sidelines all day. He’s bound in place by the pervy men who strip down his trousers to reveal his sexy jock strap.

Adrian and Dave test his mettle by kicking him in the nuts and pounding his hard torso with their fists. His magnificently hairy ass is beautifully framed by the twin white straps. They make it blush by whacking it with his own bat. The mouthy cunt curses his captors, but that only encourages them to bend him over and give him a royal fucking with a cricket pole. Seeing as he has such a dirty mouth his fragrant jock strap is soaked with piss. The wet stinking strap is wrapped around his head so with every breath he takes he has to taste and inhale the rank stench of urine. Dave flogs Guy’s ass so his sweet dick and balls jostle around manically while he desperately tries to get away.

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Leigh Simpson Masturbation VIDEO

Light Gradient - Trailer ufficiale italiano

Due ragazzi decidono di partire per una gita nei boschi. Dopo una prima partenza tranquilla, però, lo scenario cambia: le bici scompaiono, la mappa che posseggono non conduce da nessuna parte. Si perdono, ma sono felici. Il viaggio diventa opportunità per conoscersi e lasciarsi andare. Girovagando, si imbattono in un casolare di campagna abitato da una donna con il figlio. Pian piano, si addentreranno nelle loro vite, approfittandone per una nuova avventura.

BoundJocks.com: Lucas Knight & Troy Daniels

Quarterback Lukas Knight pulls out his gigantic meat for his “Tight-End” Troy Daniels to snack on. Troy who is tied to a stool in the locker room can barely take the whole thing in his mouth, but that’s ok because Lukas would rather play with Troy’s tight butt-hole anyway. The young and muscled quarterback grabs a big dildo and eases it into Troy's tight hole. Playing with his hole like this gets them both worked up so much that Lucas shoots a big, steamy load that gushes on and on!
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Trailer "Desire And Rejection" - José Gonçalves

A war with two sides, a place where the Macrocosm and the Microcosm intersect and the line between Desire and Rejection fades.

Una guerra tra due elementi, un posto dove il Macrocosmo e il Microcosmo si intersecano e la linea tra Desiderio e Rifiuto si dissolve.

Опыт креста (часть3) 'Experiment of the Cross' (1996), 1:00-1:30

Опыт креста (часть1) 'Experiment of the Cross' (1996), 2:40-4:33

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