Saturday, February 2, 2013


Starring Alec Leduc, Lorenzo Star

Alec Leduc is progressing quickly in his discovery of man-on-man sex. This time the more experienced and sex starved Lorenzo Star was his scene partner. We were a bit nervous about this paring as we thought Alec might be intimidated by Lorenzo’s go-for-it attitude. He definitely held his own though, but it was clear that this was going faster and more intensely than he expected. These guys both self-identify as bisexual, but it is clear that the more experienced Lorenzo is more in his comfort zone.Both Alec and Lorenzo are gamers and when they saw the gaming station in the living room where we were shooting they wanted a quick game to determine who would top who. But Alec has yet to try bottoming, so that wasn’t in the cards. We still decided to play that into the scene, but language and the scripted mood just didn’t allow the idea to work well.It’s always good to see how Alec can pop a boner and keep it going. And, he really got off on the rim job Lorenzo delivered. After an initial struggle, Alec’s cock found his tempo in Lorenzo’s butt hole. And, after some hot 69 action and some reverse cowboy fucking, Lorenzo got into a good groove while being pounded preacher style. He came with a sizable load that he promptly licked off his fingers then immediately kissed Alec. Not sure if Alec had ever swapped cum, but he didn’t seem to mind. This was when Alec encountered his first porn star challenge. His cock got so chaffed that a cum shot had become impossible for him… Welcome to reality porn! The look of frustration on his face showed just how much he aspires to overcome his inexperience and deliver good porn. Upcoming scenes will show just how well he is progressing.

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Drunken antics

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Jeff gets his dick pierced

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Frazer Mckeller in the shower.

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