Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harlem Shake : Version SCUF Rugby


At BrutalTops, jamming four fingers into the slutty sub's hole, Master Billy lubes up it's anus ready for a good fucking from the two handsome Tops. This wedding suit fitting is turning into a raucous bucks party, complete with spit-roasting a whore. Masters take whatever they want, when they want and these two Tops are no exception, their brutality of this sub is making them more and more sexually aroused.

Sub peter has been begging for a taste of the young men's sperm from the moment they walked into the fitting room. What better humiliation then; To gob the combined Master's hot sticky loads into it's waiting mouth, but denied the pleasure of being fed straight from their perfect hard cocks.

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Despedida de soltero por bocon

так мы тусим

Голый прикольный поход

A pokazać Ci dupę ? :D

Top Up Down Bottom