Saturday, March 23, 2013

Александр Усик в бане!!!

Crazy russian soldiers!!!! The best video!!! .mp4

Вы откуда пацаны...??? )))))) Seth Bond Prepares to Bottom

When Seth Bond agreed to get fucked I had to explain to him the fine art of preparing for your first time bottoming. After our talk, with his stretching toy in hand, he headed home to practice. The next day Seth came over and wanted to show me how well he was doing. As he talked about how much fun it was I decided to record it and share it with all of you. Enjoy this solo with Seth Bond as he prepares to bottom for the first time!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

Shy bellboy Jordan has been stripped naked in the manageress’ office of Hotel Crystal at His job is at risk if he doesn’t comply to her demands and enjoyment of his smooth naked body but the stakes are being steadily raised as other pervy female employees enter the office. They grope his cock causing him to grow helplessly aroused and unable to stop himself from ejaculating.

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Surreal and bizarre experimental film made by avant-garde filmmaker James Broughton.

The bed James Broughton(1968)

2011 naked bike ride Brighton.wmv

Oulton Broad - More than a shake is a w*n* Trenton Ducati & James Ryder

Tendrils of smoke curl from the cigarette Trenton Ducati flicks aside when he see the youthful James Ryder. Trenton is shirtless, his pants so threadbare, if he were on the street he’d be arrested. Here, they are an asset. Smooth muscle, chiseled pecs and a hint of pubic hair have drawn James. James hesitates, so Trenton pushes his head into an armpit, guiding a hand to his crotch. Trenton pulls out his rock-hard, curved cock and steers James’ head until he gets that it’s OK to suck. James is a natural, so Trenton’s cock is soon glistening with spit and precum. Trenton demands to see James’ ass, whose smooth curves lead to a dark, tight center. James’ body is putty in Trenton’s hands that pinch, slap and knead. James confesses his desire when Trenton sucks him: “I want your fat cock in me,” and Trenton obliges. He shows James how to do a “powerdriver,” which requires James to do a shoulder stand while Trenton s tretches and eats his hole, then straddles and fucks it. James knows in this position he’s supposed to cum in his mouth, and the convulsing of his sphincter muscles when he cums triggers Trenton’s orgasm, mingling their spooge for Trenton to slurp.

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National Geographic Worlds Biggest Festival Kumbh Mela Part 3 of 3

Naakte man als jezus in TU/e

Op de TU/e heeft vanmiddag een naakte man in het Auditorium gehangen. Hij hing als Jezus aan een kruis.

Het was een actie van De Club, een groep kunstenaars uit Amsterdam.

Het levende beeld van Jezus moet voor discussie zorgen tussen voorbijgangers.

Volgens de actievoeders is de samenleving te individualistisch, waardoor mensen niet meer met elkaar in gesprek gaan. De actie werd eerder ook in Amsterdam en Brussel gehouden.

La meilleure facon de marcher (1976) Part 4

Patrick Dewaere as Marc in 'La meilleure façon de marcher' (1976), 3/6, 11¾-12¼m

Fatz Mankini Run - St Patricks Day Barcalona - Too Easy Crew

Top Up Down Bottom