Sunday, May 5, 2013 Trained and Banged

Draven Torres is a gymnasium hot shot. He's been helping all kinds of folks reach their personal fitness goals all summer. A guy named Derek Reynolds made an appointment with Draven for an after-hours session, when the gym is normally closed.When Draven gets a load of Derek for the first time, he can't help but pop a chubby in his workout shorts. Derek is a very hot piece of chiseled man. He's hoping Draven can help him with some exercises on the mats. When Draven notices Derek peeking up his shorts, watching Draven's hard cock while he spots Derek on leg-ups, Draven knows Derek might be into some alternative style of exercises. Sure enough, Derek can't get his mouth around Draven's hard dick quick enough. Watch him slurp with delight while Draven enjoys this hot guy sucking good. Then it's a hot 69 session right on the mats. They're going at each other like cock starved, testosterone fueled beasts. They take turns licking assholes before Draven pounds Derek's eager hole like an animal. And Draven's not ending this fitness lesson without some good stretching...of his own tight hole! Check out Derek as he bangs his trainer with intense passion. Talk about a hot, juicy workout!Enjoy!
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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

Businessman Terry is in a very difficult situation at the Hotel Crystal. When and if the women set him free, he'll have to try and explain to his superiors why he missed his plane. Hotel owner Margaret and her pervy female staff have him naked. They’ve aroused him to the point where he can’t stop himself from ejaculating right in front of them while he’s totally exposed.

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Bound Bully Brenden Cage is still at the mercy of hostile jock Johnny Torque. Brenden is tied on his stomach like a piece of meat with his ass exposed and wearing a jock cup as a mask when Johnny enters to abuse him some more. Johnny makes Brenden suck his cock while slapping Brenden's muscle butt until it turn red and begs for mercy. This gets Johnny excited and he cums on the helpless stud's bright red booty!

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