Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sebastian Kane & Josh McKenzie - Kinky Cock Sucking For Josh

Sebastian loves to suck and stroke a boy to climax, but he likes to use some kinky methods to get a lads nuts unloading too. Josh is his latest victim, roped to the wall and unable to resist as the master enjoys his body and cock, wrapping him up and then really working his dick until he can't take any more pleasure!

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Alessio Romero, Shane Frost

Alessio Romero's striped hoodie might be mistaken for prison garb. Maybe it's that vaguely threatening aspect that draws Shane Frost. The usually preppy Shane sports several days' growth of beard and looks pretty streetwise. They grab the front of each other's hoodies and lock lips. The boner tenting Shane's pants looks like the handle of a hammer, inciting Alessio to help himself, grabbing a handful of cock and balls to stuff in his mouth. Shane is eager to reciprocate, and he obeys Alessio's command of "all the way down" until he foams at the mouth and his nose runs. When he's giddy from oxygen deprivation, Alessio pushes him onto a table, spreads his legs apart and dives into his ass tongue-first. It's so good, it needs to be fucked, so Alessio pummels his way to Shane's hot core, not stopping until he's basted Shane's balls with cum..

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Ruggerbugger has a video of Algerian footballer Faouzi Ghoulam stripping down his sporty shorts in the locker room and showing off his massive bulge.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Timberline, Scene 1

After gathering wood for the chopping block, rugged hunk Trenton Ducati takes a break to enjoy his outdoor solitude. Slowly stripping down, Trenton inhales the sweet scent of his own sweat as he flexes his hard body and gropes his bulging jock. Handling hard wood is what Trenton does best as he takes his own thick piece in hand for some serious knob rubbing. Standing erect among the trees, Trenton's big cock breaks above the TIMBERLINE with a high-flying, dick-squirting load.

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Saturday Night Slut: IT'S SCOTTY

Saturday Night Slut: IT'S SCOTTY from jonny mcgovern on Vimeo.


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