Friday, June 7, 2013

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

New at the ladies at The Ambassador’s Luncheon are enjoying being pampered by the submissive male staff. James has stripped off completely and crawls beneath the dining table worshiping the women’s feet. Handsome waiters Toby and Bobby now offer their extra service stripping down so the women can enjoy their supple young bodies.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At the embassy while James continues to stand dutiful and naked at the side, the men seize upon waiter Aiden’s naked body. As a virile 21 year old heterosexual he produces a huge amount of cum all stored in his tight nut sack. The men are determined to drain him dry, stimulating his sensitive cock till he can’t stop himself from ejaculating right in front of their eyes. The influential businessmen won’t be satisfied till they’ve thoroughly used this handsome boy’s body to their heart’s content.

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Cameron Fine & Poul Von Trier Covet Thy Brother's Cock

Cam and Poul return in this weeks video! You see, I took the boys on a trip to Florida a while back and, long story short, the boys ended up getting a bit hammered at the local pool hall and Cam has to help Poul get back to the room. Once the boys get back to the room Poul decides he needs to bust a nut and Cam is only to willing to help him out with his dilemma. Cam starts stroking Poul's hard, thick cock and after a few minutes he's got Cam's throbbing cock sliding down his hot, wet throat. Not wanting to leave his friend high and dry, Paul returns the favor and starts stroking and sucking Cam's hard dick. After a bit of sucking the boys lay back and stroke each other off until their both blasting their loads all over each other! Who wouldn't love to be a fly on that wall! Enjoy

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Sometimes Cody Cummings yearns for a certain type of guy. And on occasion, when that very specific desire is met, Cody pushes his boundaries even further than usual, letting the lines blur together. Tanner Moore is rubbing his pulsating erection back and forth along the crack of Cody's perfect ass while pumping his hips up and down, using his whole body to intensify the friction. The passion and thick, sexual energy forces pre cum to drip from Tanner's cock and stick to Cody's lower back. Tanner Moore is what Cody calls a 'grown-ass man.' That means Cody can tell Tanner is bringing some serious sexual power to the table. Tanner is the type of guy that's down for anything, but knows exactly what he likes. Cody can tell. When an incredible cock like Cody's comes out, Tanner's gotta start out by milking it. It's a large, fat dong, perfect for Tanner's style of passionate jerking. And he's finding out that it tastes as good as it looks. Watch Cody dip his enormous meat into T anner's eager mouth. And watch Tanner bob deep and hard on Cody's giant piece. Then, you'll be mesmerized when you see what Cody allows his new pal to do. After the amazingly sexy dick rubbing on Cody's ass, watch Tanner blow his warm, thick load all over his back!Enjoy!

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Dominic Pacifico & Logan Scott Muscled Man Logan Fucks Dominic

Dominic couldn't wait to get some cock from muscled hunk Logan, and it turned out to be a really hot session too! Dominic services his muscle top to get the juices flowing, but after Logan gets a taste of Dominic's hot ass he has to slam his cock in there and get their cum loads shooting out! A hot fuck and a side-by-side jerk off does the trick for both!

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Connor Maguire Fucks Axel Flint

Bound jock Axel Flint has been helplessly tied over a weight bench in the locker room with his ass high in the air. Connor Maguire can’t help but take a mouthful of this exposed booty for himself. After giving Axel’s hole a wet lashing with his tongue, Connor pulls out his rock hard jock meat and gets down to some serious pounding. With nowhere to go Axel is plowed until he shoots!

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Pierre Perrier hot strip

Pierre Perrier hot strip from HMS on Vimeo.

PRIMAL MATTER / Athens Festival 2013 / Teaser trailer

PRIMAL MATTER / Athens Festival 2013 / Teaser trailer from Dimitris Papaioannou on Vimeo.


fullteabag from HMS on Vimeo.


Hs3 from HMS on Vimeo.


Hs4 from HMS on Vimeo.


TRASHY TUESDAY from Justin Monroe Photography on Vimeo.

Love and Security

Love and Security from A.activities on Vimeo.

BUTT, I'ts OK by Andreas Merk - Trailer

BUTT, I'ts OK by Andreas Merk - Trailer from Assaf Fine on Vimeo.

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