Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nicko Morales Stroking Hard Dick With Nicko

When a man needs some relief, he knows how to treat his cock to get his balls emptied. We join the hairy and handsome Nicko for some alone time in this video, stripping down and revealing his hard uncut cock, slicking up with slippery lube and stroking himself to a powerful climax that leaves his cum splashed over his stomach

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Mike is now in quite a different position from when he first arrived at Naked and bent over with his bare ass spread for the whole world to see this ambitious lad obediently offers his body to the commanding wealthy older men. When a finger is slid up his tight asshole it produces a very stiff erection from this dirty young businessmen. The pain and embarrassment he feels from having his ass invaded is compounded by having his big stiffy edged to the point where he’s desperate to have his balls emptied.

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Cody Cummings is always looking for a way to spice it up, and here he dives deep into his closet and pulls out a look for the ages. Clad in pumpkin orange plaid and matching accoutrements, he works his way down to the flesh slowly, showcasing each and every piece of his carefully selected ensemble. He unbuttons his shirt and rolls up his sleeves, unzipping his fly and unleashing his waiting cock, hungry and ready for attention. He sits back and peels off his socks, then spreads his legs wide and works his fingers around his stiffened shaft, squeezing the head until one moist drop of pre-cum emits at its tip. Exhaling in a fevered rush, he stands up and leans against a window, working his cock all the while, until he can no longer keep its surge from shooting out all over the floor.Enjoy!

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