Thursday, October 3, 2013

Next Door Ebony – Derek Jackson

Your man Derek Jackson is back to show you a few new tricks he’s learned. You no doubt remember the solo artist’s debut as a rough, tough SWAT style badass. Be prepared for this appearance as a streetwise dancer who only wants to express himself through his unique rhythmic movements. Although the dance scene is tightly competitive and sometimes can lead to dangerous situations like impromptu, street-style dance offs, Derek’s been in the game for a long time. But he knows how to carry himself proppa. That’s why he’s here in this loft, private dancing for your lusting eyes. Derek’s been hired to give you a good show. His instructions have been simply to let the vibe of the situation dictate how far he goes. So sit back, watch his pop locking and sexy moves, and get comfortable. Derek has decided he’s taking it to the max this time, lucky for you. You’ll get to see the man’s enormous cock in action. He’s using the lube supplied to grease up his boner for full jacking action. His body is smooth and with each tug of his dick, Derek is working toward an incredible, explosive finish. Enjoy!

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Bound Jocks – Tate Ryder

Bound jock Tate Ryder is ball gagged and has his ankles tied to his wrists on the wrestling mat. He’s only wearing a jockstrap and football shoulder pads as he rolls around the mat exposing his perfect hole and trying to get free. Next, we strip him naked and tie a noose around his cock and balls that is then cinched to his hands tied behind his back. Tate tries desperately to touch his rock-hard cock, but all he can do is tug on the ropes until he shoots the perfect load!

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