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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, teacher Ashley and head boy Derek are both a couple of hotheads. It takes the Head Master’s calm handling to put these boys in their place. The teacher’s aggression could easily cost him his job, but the Head Master decides to blackmail him instead by making him submit to a full physical. Since Ashley has one of the most perfect asses on the planet the men waste no time peeling his shorts down to reveal his cheeks and jockstrap for a good fingering and tonguing.

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New at TheCastingRoom, Conor is a sweet young straight lad who is very naпve. It’s a wonder he found the nerve to audition at all, but there must be a burgeoning pervy side to this innocent boy because here he is stripping off and baring his arse for a strange man with a camera. He’s practically shaking with nerves. His total inexperience makes him all the sexier. Slim, hairless except for his big pubic bush, he’s brimming with health and a raging teenage sex drive. He’s like that hot young professional you might notice listening to his ipod while on a commuter train and here he is totally exposed in all his glory.

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At BrutalTops sadistic Master Daniel is back from his football training and needs to clean himself as he's so stinky and sweaty. He could always go for a shower with the other lads but decides that his pathetic sub should be put to work.

He makes the feeble cur tongue bath his sweaty, pungent body, particularly around his odorous balls and ass crack. Naturally, the sub gets it wrong and receives a harsh belting for his poor work. The Master lashes down blow after blow on the sub's skinny body and delights in the damage he inflicts on the sub's pale ass. The trembling runt has to suck Daniel's meaty cock which is then rammed deep into the back of his mouth.

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The Cure & Le Duel

The Cure & Le Duel from Michael Westbrook on Vimeo.

Un vidéo sur le vernissage The Cure de Corine Borgnet à la galerie Talmart en septembre 2013 à Paris. Réalisation, cadrage, montage et etc. par Michael…



УЗБ сауна

Закаляйся, если хочешь быть здоров!!! :D

Strip Erbi

Jonny Burns Does The Full Monty

STRIPTEASE @ Blauwe kater

Strip na Blue Space - SP

guy strip

bultos y un pequeño regalo :)

В Ванкувере в ценре города голые Девушки и Мальчики устроили танцы

Голый бокс

Fredko honic :-D

Tied flat against a bench at BreederFuckers with his sporty ass pointed in the air, Daniel’s hole makes a tempting sight. Dave plants his face between his big round cheeks to moisten his hole with his tongue in preparation for a fucking. Proud hetero Daniel is disgusted to have his asshole lapped at by another man. If he can’t take nice treatment then he’s going to get it rough. To prove he can’t just get through life on his good looks, Dave plays a wicked game with Daniel by quizzing him and when he gets answers wrong it’s a sharp electro shock to his sensitive pink hole. To keep this straight fucker’s genitals under control Dave secures them to the bench. Next he makes him watch the straight porn he loves so much while having his ass fingered harshly and spread open. Now that his hole is loose Dave shoves a massive dildo on a stick up his rectum and hammers it in so it nearly splits him in two. Daniel howls in rage and pain. He won’t ever be able to jerk off while looking at straight porn again without recalling his ass being fucked so deeply

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