Sunday, January 19, 2014

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At Ryan and Shamus soap themselves up in the showers and continue bragging about the women they fucked. They are totally unaware that Shamus' girlfriend is listening in. she steps in to confront them and takes them back to the bar where the women order the men to strip and give them a show for compensation.

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Ashley and Sarah are happy couple taking a holiday in Spain but mistakenly check into a CFNM hotel. That means the man must be naked at all times. He’s promptly stripped by his girlfriend and the manageress while the bashful lad struggles to cover his nudity.

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Next Door Male – Diesel White

Diesel White is a serious, intense kind of guy who knows what he wants in life. Determined and hard-working, this small town kid has grown up, filling out in every direction and flexing for your enjoyment. His hulking shoulder and chest muscles show the spoils of his hard work, as we catch up with him at the end of his workout. After a nice lift and some cardio on the bag, Diesel has worked up a nice sweat, but he’s only halfway done with his routine. Leaning back against the bag, he peels off his wet shirt and strips down to his underwear, stroking his cock through his shorts. Peeling the waistband back, he reveals the shiny tip of his cock, eager and ready for some attention. Diesel grips his shaft and wags it around the room confidently, his blue eyes reflected against the sun peeking through the window. Reclining now, back against the bag, Diesel spreads his legs and works his dick frenzied and throbbing, before he unleashes his load all over the gym floor. With his workout now complete, Diesel throws his sweaty brow back against the back and exhales triumphantly.Enjoy!

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The pathetic sub is on his knees and being made to suck Master Daniel's huge dick. As the vicious top screams abuse his dick gets bigger and bigger and the squirming sub has to swallow the whole thing to the back of his throat. He gags of the massive piece of meat and this annoys the Master who pulls out a belt and thrashes the sub into silent submission. Daniel face fucks the sub and holds his head firmly to get total access to his mouth. The sub is powerless to prevent the cock from being rammed deep into the back of his throat.

Getting ever more excited, the top pushes the feeble sub over onto the bench pushes his rock-hard solid dick into the sub's asshole, all the time pumping, shouting and dominating the runt. He throws him on the ground and then, dripping with sweat, he shoots his cum over the sub's pathetic, damaged mouth and makes him swallow and lick up the remaining drops.

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Hot House – Hard Time (Scene 3)

Being locked up makes Marcus Ruhl horny and hungry for dick. He offers to suck off Officer Jimmy Durano but the Latin stud refuses. Instead he calls Landon Conrad in to fuck the sexy prisoner’s mouth right through the bars of his cell. Durano returns from his rounds to find Ruhl making a pig of himself swallowing officer Conrad’s huge cock. He pulls the filthy cocksucker out of his cell and gets in on the action. He whips out his thick uncut cock and Conrad forces Ruhl’s head down onto the giant man-meat. The twisted cops take turns force-feeding Ruhl their cocks until Conrad bends him over and fucks his ass. Ruhl never stops sucking Durano’s dick as Conrad pounds his hole until he pulls out and shoots his load. Durano tells Conrad to beat it so he can finish off Ruhl the way he likes it. He pushes the beefy stud back onto his desk and fucks his giant bubble-butt. Ruhl jacks off and drains his nuts, followed by Durano who showers Ruhl with loads of his creamy jizz.

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