Monday, February 17, 2014

New at BrutalTops horny Master Bobby enters and finds that his humiliated sub is completely naked and on his knees. Bobby kicks the fawning wimp to the grounds and tramples over him, pushing his dirty boxing trainers into the sub's mouth. This excites the top who then sits on the sub's face, whilst kicking the sub and rubbing the bottom's cock with his booted feet.

Bobby then finds a toilet seat on a frame which he dumps over the head of the moaning sub. Bobby takes off his shorts and sits comfortably on the seat, showing the sub (and us) a great view of his asshole. Bobby takes a douche and fills his own ass with water which he then evacuates out of his bowels onto the sub's face. The sub is covered with fetid ass water and Bobby shouts at him, demanding that he swallows it. The powerless bottom has no alternative but to comply with this totally humiliating order.

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