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Purity Ritual of Ya-Ya Matsuri 尾鷲市ヤーヤ祭り 2

Ya-ya Matsuri is strange but interesting festive in Owase City Mie Prefecture Japan. The end purpose is to honor the gods that watch over the seas and purify themselves in the freezing cold river or ocean.

ふんどし王子の舞 チョコレートディスコ



HOKOIN 2014 pt.1

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, if Jane and Danika choose to release the compromising material they have on Scotty and Russell their lives would be ruined. Such is the leverage they have over the two men that they are getting them to suck each other off while they laugh and push their heads down onto each others’ cocks.

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In the new video at CFNMTV, after their long and exhausting run, Ed and Dennis are grateful to be under the refreshing jets of the showers. They chat amiably about the up-coming race as they use the hard school-issue soap to clean themselves. No-one else uses the pavilion at this time at night so they start to relax, confident that they are totally alone. But the two are interrupted by the school mistresses who demand to examine and document their naked bodies.

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Maskurbate – Worship Adam

Our black bodybuilder Adam comes back bigger than ever! Each time I meet Adam, I am always impressed by what’s hiding in his underwear. So I made sure to feature his big uncut dick in this scene. Lots of close-ups, foreskin play and of course, his traditional intense cumshot! I love Adam!!!

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Falcon Studios – Angel Rock

Angel Rock offers living, sweaty proof that a man’s best friend is…his hand…while basking in the California sunshine. His compact body is convex in all the right places, covered with barely clipped dark hair, and muscled from collarbone to calves. His bright yellow swim trunks and towel are the perfect complement to his tan. The sunshine triggers lens flares in the dark glass of his Ray Bans and the tiniest pool of perspiration has collected in the hollow of his throat. Biting his lower lip, Angel strokes his cock with SP35, using more strokes than necessary to keep out the UV rays. He cups and squeezes his balls with his free hand, then plays with his foreskin, pulling it over the head of his dick until you can’t tell pre-cum from sunscreen. When he grabs his fully engorged cock in both fists, you get a better idea of its size: two hands can’t contain it. Dripping sweat and lube, Angel jacks off to beat the band, fucking the air, fingering his hole, and climaxing with bursts of spooge that puddle on his tummy — all of which brings a wide grin to Lance Luciano, who has been secretly filming him.

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Hot House – Get Your Ass In Gear! Part 2 (Scene 3)

Bobby Hart and James Ryder, two young jocks with big cocks, take the arena for a heated suck-n-fuck showdown. The young teammates get things started with a make-out session but Bobby makes the first move when he kisses James’ chest, abs and eventually the tip of James’ big dick which has popped out of his jockstrap. Bobby reveals James’ raging hardon and takes the boner in his mouth. His dripping-wet blow job brings James to the brink but he stops and goes in to get his turn sucking Bobby’s fat cock. James attacks the massive meat like a pro and obediently opens his throat so Bobby can fuck his face. Don’t let James’ prone position fool you; he’s not going to stay on the receiving end for long. He steps behind Bobby and shoves his perfect 8-inch prick directly into his tight ass. James pounds his buddy’s hole then pulls out and shoots his load on Bobby’s tight stomach. Bobby’s load cums next, leaving both athletes sweaty and sticky. Time to hit the showers!

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Next Door Male – Chuck

Chuck is a midwestern guy who loves all things outdoors. Not too big on words, he prefers to let his actions do the talking for him, whether he’s out on the water, in the woods, on the playing field- whichever. A man’s man who would do anything for his boys, here, we find Chuck flying solo, but he’s got enough to satisfy and more than a mouthful. He leans back on the bed, eyes closed, head thrown back, hands in his pants. Feeling around he massages his cock, teasing it beneath his shorts and then popping it out and stripping out of his underwear. Sliding his hands up and down his chest, he finally grasps his shaft and begins to stroke, feverishly at first, then alternating and slowing down to really prolong the whole affair. Moving up onto his knees, he smacks his ass as he pushes his cock through his legs, pushing it up against the side of his thigh as it emits a tiny bead of pre-cum, before rotating back over onto his back and getting down to serious business, spreading his legs wide and thrusting up into his hand as he shoots his load like a geyser.Enjoy!

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Raging Stallion – Boomer Banks & Ray Han

Laundry hangs from a clothesline in the trailer of stunning Ray Han and super-hung Boomer Banks. Done with their chores for the moment, they take to working on each other. Ray’s hairy legs contrast with his smooth chest, but it’s his hard uncut cock that’s got Boomer’s attention. Boomer’s cheeks are hollow with suction as he makes Ray’s meat disappear down his throat. When Boomer stands, your eyes naturally travel from his colorful tats down his body to one of the hugest cocks on the planet. Boomer and Ray can each clench a fist around it, and still leave plenty for Ray to suck. Ray licks Boomer’s long, overhanging foreskin. Then he sits on Boomer’s face for a deep, wet hole-reaming, before he scuttles back and slams his buns down on Boomer’s monster cock for a Monster Bang. Getting fucked by a cock the size of someone’s forearm may be a chore, but Ray eagerly and manfully takes the full brunt of Boomer’s plundering and plowing of his ass, enjoying each new position more than the last. Boomer delivers his gargantuan member in expert fashion probing deep into Ray. Each of them jerks out a load of cum on his own tummy.

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Falcon Studios – Ray Diaz & Lance Luciano

Lance Luciano asleep on the lawn is a bronze Apollo, his smooth skin burnished, the hint of a hardon under his scarlet swim trunks. Ray Diaz spreads a towel inches away, eying Lance’s athletic body, reaching out to brush his hand across Lance’s cock. Lance’s eyes open and he pulls down his suit. Ray kisses Lance’s armpit and works his way down to his nipple, his stomach finally landing on his fat erection with his tongue. He hunkers down on that tasty cock, using his mouth to slip the foreskin back and forth. Lance moans and tosses his head. Sweat drips down his flanks. Ray smiles. Lance captures a strand of precum and feeds it to him. Ray straddles Lance, positioning his hairy crack over Lance’s face while continuing to suck. Sweat courses down Ray’s back into his crack as Lance drills his hole with his thumb and tongue. Their bodies radiate pure, sublime horniness in the California sun. They abandon themselves to a primitive, pulsating 69. Ray slides his well-lubricated hole onto Lance’s ready cock. They roll. Lance pounds. They roll again. Lance is an unstoppable lust machine, and Ray is more than happy to be his subject. The intensity grows and builds until Ray’s swollen balls scatter his seed across his smooth torso and Lance matches it for volume and velocity, in a well-deserved release.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Jaime is about as arrogant as they come. Spending all his time at the gym, he's perfected a sculpted muscular body that makes everyone salivate. His continuous bragging in the men's loo while he gets more and more dosed irks the guys around him. They decide it's finally time to take control of this cocky fella and see what he's really made of by stripping him down and interfering with his anus.

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New at TheCastingRoom, Marius is a manly hetero bricklayer with an insatiable sex drive. Being a bulky muscular tough guy, he’s the type you fantasize about being pinned down by. He’s always dreamed of being in porn movies and tried to break into the industry before. Now he’s determined to get a starring role so he doesn’t have to lug bricks around all day for pennies. The question is whether he can overcome his macho pride to take the kind of challenging roles that are available.

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