Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

Looking through, we’ve been picking out some of our favorite naked men. We consider here some of the hottest men to be exposed.
Ian is blackmailed into exposing himself and is forced to perform a sexy show in cute bunny ears in ‘Breakdown’.
Naпve Donny auditions to be a stripper wearing a sexy pink thong and puts on a man on man sex show for groups of women in ‘Whatever It Takes’
Simon is cornered the women’s toilets at a nightclub where he’s stripped and anally violated in ‘Out of Order’
Hairy athletic student Liam is turned into a model for a biology lesson and made to cum in ‘Schoolboy Punished for Peeping’
Tom becomes the focus of every bad girl’s fantasy when his school uniform is disposed of and he grows a mighty erection in ‘Detention for Bad Girls’
Schoolboy Bradley is severely punished with a hard spanking by the female doctor and nurse for beating up another male student in ‘Bully Gets His Comeupance’
Who do you think is the sexiest man to be stripped at

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Extra Big Dicks – Ground and Pound

These big dicked young men are eager to get the ground and pound into full overdrive. Alexander has a huge thick cock that Colton takes like a champ. Colton’s small round ass is so cute and perfectly ready for that thick piece of meat. Colton is a great bottom and can’t get enough of Alexander pumping deep into his ass. One big uncut cock for a small entry is glorious to see going in and out. If you like cummers with some range then wait till the end and be amazed what Mr. Greene shoots out. Enjoy!

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Next Door Twink – Training Tight

After a grueling practice where Coach was less than lax, Johnny Maxim and Santiago Figueroa take a serious chill out moment to recount the training session. Johnny has seen his wrestling teammate check him out recently in the locker room and even make some unorthodox ‘grabs’ on the mat. Now Johnny will test exactly how far Santiago is willing to push post-conditioning activity.Johnny recalls to him how Coach had mentioned he wants the wrestlers to get in some ‘extra practice.’ Santiago takes this as a cue to goof around a little and grapple with sweet Johnny right there on Johnny’s parents’ bed. Before too long, Santiago notices Johnny is packing a totally nice erection under his tights. Santiago wants to take a look at this massive hard on, so he peels Johnny’s singlet off and licks the strong boner. Soon Johnny is enjoying Santiago’s soft lips slurping his large thang, taking it deep, using plenty of slippery juiciness from his mouth. Then it’s Johnny’s turn to taste Santiago. Santiago can’t believe how good a cocksucker Johnny is! It’s enough to make Santiago’s ass hungry for stiff dick. Watch Johnny insert and pound his fat, hard dong into his friend’s tight hole in every way they can before they both explode in a hot, ecstatic frenzy. This is the type of routine every good, young wrestler should engage in when approaching an important meet…or meat? Enjoy!

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Men of Montreal – Buff Boy Bruno Shows Off!

Sexy, hairy and stocky Bruno Miles came upon our path and we couldn’t resist. In all of his glorious 19 years of age, this straight dude comes from Montreal’s South Shore suburbs and works as a mason. Measuring 5’11′ and weighing 195 lbs, he carries a solid frame of muscle. And, this straight boy shows off some pretty awesome chiseled abs. He definitely hit a weak spot in us. You all know by now that most French Canadian men are uncut. So it was quite uncharacteristic for us to see that Bruno sports a 7 inch cut cock. Bruno has a great personality. He was friendly, outgoing and bone hard all the time.He arrived on set dressed in jeans and a white tank top. It wasn’t hard to imagine him on a construction site laying bricks in such a stretched out muscle shirt… Wooof! We thought the shower was the best place to start revealing this stud’s awesome looks. He felt he needed to tease us a bit more by soaking down in his white under gear. It’s always hot to see a hot bod and tool through soaking wet white briefs.He massaged his body and stroked that dick of his and just kept on teasing the camera when he got out of the shower and hid his tool under the towel. However, he was pretty revved up and chucked the towel, so he could jack off his nice dick with intensity. We had to get him to slow down a few times so we could make this video last long enough for your pleasure. You never know what happens when you ask a straight dude to play with his ass and butt hole, but Bruno wasn’t shy and aimed to please. He turned around, got on all fours, and stroked his dick between his legs and spread those cheeks, flirting with his rose bud from time to time, and contracting his butt hole muscles. Hot! He then laid down on his side, letting us take in all the glory of his hairy hotness, while he was priming his dick for the impending cum shot. For his finale, he laid down on his back, folded his legs and jacked off, spewing a nice load of baby batter on those ripped hairy abs.We would love to say that Bruno will be back to explore man-on-man sex, but we’re not sure that will happen. If ever he does decide to go down that path, he assured us he would be calling us first… Sweet man!

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Men Over 30 – Hot Massage Fantasy

Tony has had a devastating day at work full of stress and endless meetings and all he can think of his a nice long massage. Once home he immediately sits down turns his computer on and loosens his tie. He finds Jake on a massage website and becomes very horny and decides to call him up for a massage. Tony is tired beyond belief and just before he calls he slowly drifts off into a dream state where Jake is setting up his massage table. Jake is eager to get his hands all over Tony so he has him strip down and lay on the table legs spread and ass perked up. After a few minutes of fondling his ass and sniffing that round hairy ass he has Tony flip over to start the real massage. Tony has a raging boner and is ready to fuck his massage therapist deep and hard. Passionate as can be he goes slowly into Jake’s awaiting ass and pushes deep within showing pleasure on both ends. Now the real fun begins with lots of fucking slow and fast as well as a 69 spread all over the table and lots of cum sticking to both of their hairy chests. Then all of a sudden Tony’s alarm goes off and he wakes up to realize it was all just a dream – but a very hot sensual dream. Enjoy!

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With his hands cuffed behind his back and an electrical device strapped to his hard cock and balls, Ian soon forgets about his precious contract. Indeed, the shock he's about to receive will make him forget everything but the intense physical sensations. And things get even worse when Yasmin starts taking photos of his humiliation. When the women decide he should earn money to compensate for the broken vase he is driven out to a back alley frequented by prostitutes so they can sell his ass!

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