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  • August 2, 2015

    August 2

    NextDoorBuddies - Gloryhole Workout

    The neighborhood gym has been a long-standing sanctuary in Greg Jameson's community. He comes here to work, play, and relax. And the fact that there's a gloryhole in the men's room doesn't hurt. Greg has loved hanging out in the glory stall after strenuous workouts, connecting with like-minded guys. Today, there's a new dude in the weight room, and he's extremely hot. He's Orlando Fox and he's been giving Greg some very friendly glances.When Orlando asks Greg to spot him on the bench, Greg doesn't hesitate. As Orlando lifts, Greg positions himself strategically in order to allow Orlando to have a look at his goods. Orlando definitely likes what he sees. When Greg apologizes for his growing erection, Orlando laughs it off and tells him it's ok. Then Greg informs Orlando of the notorious glory hole. Orlando takes this as an invitation and follows Greg into the bathroom. Once there, it's not long before Greg has his arm through the hole, stroking Orlando on the other side. Orlando sticks his big, swollen dick through and Greg wraps his soft lips around it. After some hard sucking, Greg pushes his own fat cock through so Orlando can have a taste. The fervent bobbing leads Orlando to join Greg inside the stall for even more intense action. Orlando slides his thick, stiff meat into Greg's tight hole and pounds his ass hard. Greg loves the feeling of a new dick in his sweet pocket. Orlando takes a seat on the toilet so Greg can take a ride. Watch through the hole, then get inside the stall with these gym hotties, and experience a first-time encounter that will get you pumped!

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    ExtraBigDicks - Shower Shock

    It's tough having a roommate. Privacy just goes out the window! Even when you think you have a moment alone to yourself, any second your roomie might come barging in. Especially when it's two guys and one of them is a bit oblivious. When Tony Orion starts the shower he realizes he forgot his towel, so he goes back into his room to get one, and when his young jock roommate Alexander Greene groggily makes his way into the bathroom, he doesn't think anything of the fact that the water's already running and jumps right in to the shower. So when Tony gets back, he has a big surprise waiting for him - made even bigger because of the fact that Alexander's been working his morning wood up to a great big boner!Tony doesn't know which is the bigger shock, catching his roomie naked or seeing what a huge trouser-snake Alexander has between his legs. Tony drops to his knees in the tub in awe of Alexander's hung cock and worships it as the water drips down them both, getting them soaked. Then Alexander plows Tony in the bathroom as Tony moans in ecstasy as the long, thick dick penetrates him to lengths that no dick has ever reached in him before. Lucky for him, if he ever wants to feel that big dick again, Alexander's room is just a few feet away!

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    Brez Wild Laying Back And being Stroked

    Brez and his Ex are sharing a very intimate time with us in this horny stroke session. Brez has his ex with him for some wanking fun, playing with his cock as they make out, his own big uncut chubby dick pressed up against that tight arse as he takes over and jerks his friends hard uncut boner for him!

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    Mark Lloyd, JP Dubois & Justin Baber Mark And Justin Get Some Ass

    When we approached JP we could tell straight away that he was interested. Just one look at cute blond boy Mark and horny Justin would be enough without the offer of cash. The boys share JP's big cock, tight ass and hot mouth between them before Mark demands their cum and gets a double facial, then it's time to drop JP off and speed away! lol

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    Ryan Connors, Ayden James & Lyric Double Fucked Smoke Sex!

    Hot tattooed chainsmoker Ryan Buckley hops out of the shower and finds Ryan Conners and Ayden James smoking and stroking in bed...The three swap smoke, swap blowjobs, and Ayden ends up getting fucked hard by both Ryans huge cocks while they smoke! It's a hardcore chainsmoking, deep-dicking threesome!

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    Ryan Connors & Jayden Taylor Jayden & Ryan

    Smooth smoke boys Jayden Taylor and Ryan Conners swap smoke and blowjobs!

    Christian Taylor Christian Taylor Smoking in the Tub

    Southern twink Christian Taylor take his smokes into the tub. Christian gets down to his underwear and gets into the tub, smoking while he rubs his cock in his wet undies underwater. After a couple of smokes, he finally pulls out his rock hard boner to jerk off. Christian lets his smoke dangle between his lips while he works on his cock and after a half a pack he shoots his thick white cum.

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    JT Reese J.T. Reese Couch smoke and stroke

    Smoking hot JT Reese strips off his jeans while smoking Marlboros and stroking his huge cock, showing off his ass, and shooting a huge load all over his stomach.

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    Roma & Archi Roma and Archi Outdoor Smoke Sex!

    Gorgeous and built Roma takes his hot twink buddy Archi out to the beach for some hardcore smoking and bareback fuckin! Archi keeps his smokes fired up even with Roma's huge cock deep in his ass!

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    Anthony Cruz Sexy Frenchman Anthony!

    Anthony is a very handsome Frenchman, with a sexy smooth body and the most seductive accent too. He's living in Paris but he regularly comes to the UK for business, and now he has another reason to come too. We find out a little about him and what he's into, then it's time to sit back and enjoy the wank show as he reveals his already hardening uncut cock and strokes himself off for the guys, spurting a great load of cum out over himself!

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    Timmy Treasure & Brute Club Brute Returns To Own That Arse!

    After enjoying Brute in his solo we knew Timmy would be a great choice to bottom for the fit and hung top. Timmy was so down for that too, starting off with some foot play, but then getting on that big uncut dick the moment he could. His arse is so hungry, Brute stretches him open with a big toy before filling him up with his dick and giving him a ride on that thing. With Timmy wanking his cum out while bouncing on that boner all that's left is for the handsome top to spew his own wad, and what an impressive eruption he delivers too! We knew this lad would be a great top, able to take control of a guys hole, and he proved us right.

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    Mickey Taylor & Luke Adams Luke Gets Used Like A Dildo

    Mickey loves to take a hard cock in his arse, but although Luke might not have planned to top for him he doesn't have much of a choice! The inked young man arrives with his dick already getting hard, and sucking on the boys uncut cock has both of them throbbing. Mickey climbs on, impaling his greedy pucker on his detained slave and riding him until his cum is spewing out in hot ropes of goo! We're sure Luke probably would have volunteered to fuck him, but where's the fun in that?

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    Deacon Hunter & Leo Ocean Hardcore Hole Slamming!

    Poor Leo has no idea what's about to happen. He's been tied into position for Deacon to use and the boy really isn't going to hold back! The heat from the candles below rises while Deacon climbs up and feeds the boy his big uncut cock, face fucking him and making him gag. The boys arse comes next, flogged and slammed with force as Deacon rams his cock into him, his heavy balls swinging and slapping. Back to the other end and Deacon is nearly ready, fucking the boys mouth some more before wanking his hot cum out in his face!

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    Brian Younger & Token Cute Brian Pounds Token

    The boys were out for a day by the lake when things got real horny in the bushes. The guys headed off to share some cock sucking with each other, but Token was up for a full-on fuck out in the wild as Brian rammed his cock into his ass. It really is a hard fuck too, with Brian pounding his hole and finishing with some hot sticky goo!

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    York Reid & Jake Reid Straight Brothers Get The Job Done

    Being brothers means Theo and York don't have any secrets from each other. I guess it's not unusual for two brothers like these boys to stroke their dicks together occasionally. They get those cocks out and get to work, stroking themselves up to some boners. Jake has he bigger cock, but we would all love to suck on either of them, right guys? The boys shoot their loads out and satisfy themselves, for a while at least.

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    Zack Randall, Jizzy McBone, Wyatt Blaze & Chad Hollywood A Total Sausage Fest - Feast!

    Hands up if you ever imagined you would see straight boys Jizzy or Wyatt so hungry for hard cock? Okay, I can't see you, but I'm guessing not many predicted this sausage fest! The two guys have come a long way in their appreciation for dick, helped along by some friendly coaching. Check it out as they join Zack and Chad for a cock sucking party!

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    Sean Saint Sean Gets A Little Help

    Sean might have thought he was just going to make a video wanking out a cum load solo, but his camera man had other ideas! The gorgeous and slightly hairy Brit was hard as a rock, and the helping hand was certainly welcomed. As was the fingering of his tight hole, the toy sliding into it, the fleshlight on his dick and the final act of being wanked free of his cum load!

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    Scott Williams A Cock Throbbing Wank Off!

    Poor young Scott had no idea what to expect when he was roped into the chair. His dick was eager, already hard and awaiting service, drooling precum and with his heavy balls swollen and prepared. As lubed hands work his sensitive helmet, his cock is edged so much his glands is soon red and glistening. He's so desperate to cum, his legs twitch and his pulse races every time his dick it touched! This is how you properly drain a boys dick!

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    Adam Watson, Kai Alexander & Reece Bentley Adam And Reece Want Some Cock!

    Sexy Kai climbs in out of the rain and wind and instantly gets warmed up by horny boys Adam and Reece. All three are up for some cock, wanking and sucking, with that smooth and pale twink getting his mouth and ass fucked by those boys before all are wanking out their cum and making a real fucking mess! Poor Kai gets abandoned in the street, but at least he had fun!

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    Bradley S Bishop Cum Spewing Bradley Returns

    Remember when Bradley arrived? He was a cute an shy twink with a handsome face and a slim body, and now he's a gorgeous and beefy bearish lad with a lot more meat on him. His massive cum squirting loads made him a favourite with the fans, along with his laddish manner, and you'll see that in this catch up solo after he tells us about what he's been up to and his favourite scenes in his career.

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