Thursday, August 31, 2017


In the new video at, Nick is arrogant and rash - always arguing and causing trouble on set. His hot-headed behaviour has cost him his place on the books of Cavendish Models. Short of cash he hopes this new assignment will set him straight. But he has no idea exactly what type of shoot this is going to be. If he had, he would turn on his heels and run as far as he could in the opposite direction.

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STRAIGHT NAKED THUGS - Kenneth Slayer Str8 Boy Polishing His Rocket

Kenneth started working out last month, really focusing on weights and trying to put on a little muscle. We don't know if it's working, but we do know it makes boys like him super horny 24/7. He told us he'd already stroked out two loads, but he had another thick wad in his big cock ready to be pumped out. Watch him working his big meat up into a hard length and polishing his shaft, using a Fleshight on his dick and finally pumping a thick dripping load of straight guy cream from his helmet!

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BOYNAPPED - Dmitry Osten & Michael Wyatt Drenched In Spit & Cum!

Dmitry is the kind of guy who doesn't take any crap from anyone, especially a greedy cock sucker who needs to be put in his place. Michael was ready for him, swinging by chains from the ceiling, his mouth there for fucking. Dmitry jabs his long and hard uncut cock between those lips and immediately shows the greedy sucker who's boss, fucking his mouth and making Michael gag. Pretty soon Dmitry is getting a little more rough, spitting in his face, slapping him with his solid cock, jabbing his swollen length into his throat! It doesn't get any easier for Michael when he's finally brought down to his knees to take that dick properly, wanking himself off and swallowing precum and spit as Dmitry gets mean and angry. Don't worry, Michael gets the reward he wanted by the end of it. Already drooling spit and pre he's given a splashing load of heavy cum as Dmitry pumps his big gooey mess out!

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I was on my knees all day. Getting throat
fucked non-stop. Loads dumped in my hole. I could feel my belly getting
filled up with cum, and my sloppy ass hole was constantly dripping with
cum. Load after load. I just couldn’t get enough.

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