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  • April 13, 2018


    Personal trainer Nick North really puts Josh Moore through his paces with some boxing exercises. Making him hit the pads again and again, building up a serious sweat. Bulges bouncing about in the loose boxing shorts, enough for Nick to notice Josh’s baseball bat like cock jumping around. He has a good grab of it and drops to his knees to inspect it further. Pulling the shorts down, he’s hard, he puts his massive cock in his mouth and goes to town! Josh is left partially paralysed, his big boxing gloves still on, he can’t really do anything except let Nick blow him. Slobbering on all 9+” of Josh’s dick, he runs his hands of his his smooth, tanned body. Josh gets down and starts to suck on Nicks rock-solid meat. Bending over to show of he’s perfect butt while he does, pretty blue eyes staring up at Nick as he swallows every inch again and again. Stood up, spun round and faced to grab the punch bag, he’s bent over and Nick slides his rigid cock into his tight puckered hole. Josh’s face is a picture, pressed into the bag, feeling every thrust of Nick’s cock. Swinging over to a bench, nick takes a seat and lets josh do all the reverse riding work, occasionally taking breaks to power thrust up into his fuck hole. Laying back Josh lets Nick fuck into him missionary, getting him to spill his load over his stomach, Nick pulls out and covers Josh’s pretty face in a rain fall of cum!! Good session guys!

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