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  • May 26, 2018

    SPRITZZ - A playful pillow fight leads to dick fun for these friends

    When you have shirtless boys Vitaly Mikhailov and Niko Ivanov hanging out together you can be quite sure that their long uncut dicks are going to be stiffening in their jeans. It's might start out with some innocent and playful pillow fighting but soon enough the boys are making out and exploring. With cocks revealed and leaking precum the two slide their foreskins back and suck on those swollen tips, taking their turns to pleasure each other in the most delicious way. Frotting their shafts and kissing only makes them even hornier for more, with Niko opening up his perfect ass for his friend to slide his naked cock into. Watch him riding that shaft, his own long uncut cock swinging around as he savors the pleasure of that raw length deep inside. His ass loves all the attention, especially when they take a break to enjoy more sucking, rimming and fingering, but the second round of anal plunging is what ultimately has them both wanking out their cream in each other's handsome faces.

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