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  • June 3, 2018


    Jake seems timid but reminds me of a famous rapper with his slim body shape and inked chest. Once Jake pulls out his hard cock you can see him in the moment as he builds up his creamy load. His thin smooth body and youngish looks make him for a great contender to possibly meet one of our elite vets. His low hanging balls show off his fur as the dangle to and fro with each tug of his hard shaft. Jake loves sex and he's finally coming out of his shell at the right age and here at AD we have the best soldiers to show him how the battle field works. Jake continues to stroke his hard throbbing cock with a firm grip. I'm sure he wouldn't mind bending over one of our soldiers if he really is down for some exploration. His breath picks up as his balls have built up a load and he can't hold it in any longer so he unleashes a huge thick creamy load shot after shot all over his smooth ripped chest. Enjoy! Actors : Jake Shepard

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