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  • July 27, 2018

    UKNAKEDMEN - Dmitry Osten and Jonas Jackson

    Our cutie, bristle chinned little hunk Dmitry Osten is back, you've seen him plugging and ploughing handsome young James Benet, well now its time for this stud to get his!! And its served up steaming hot, broad and hunky in the shape of Jonas Jackson, a bearded bugger as broad as a barn door ( alliteration - just can't knock it!) . Its a very warm welcome to Jonas who's hotter than hell, and uses young Dmitry like a rag doll fuck toy. This burly top takes his pleasure and the fact that Dmitry is absolutely luving it is really just incidental. Jonas has him down on his knees slurping on his big uncut cock, then he's lifting the cutie's leg to drive that swollen, meat right up to the hilt, stretching the pleasure engorged membrane of Dmitry's Gspot until he's ready to burst !! and when he does we make sure we're right in there for the splatter!

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