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  • July 25, 2018

    YOUNG BASTARDS - Ass to mouth bottom boy cums hands-free

    Tall and slender Jose is too turned on, just watching his handsome young friend Julian playing with his engorged cock has him throbbing and leaking juice in anticipation. Unable to resist each other the two meet, their dicks rubbing and their need to fuck growing stronger. Julian slurps his friend's gorgeous meat, positioning himself for a 69, feeding his pal his own stunning dick as he licks Jose's balls and ass. With his buddy's hole ready for more Julian slides in, filling him up with his massive dong. Taking it on his back and loving every thrust Jose can barely touch his own cock for fear of cumming. He takes control, sliding his naked hole down on Julian's thick meat, riding his buddy and taking every chance he can for some ass to mouth. He loves the taste of that dick when it's been in his hole, so much so that he starts cumming hands-free when he slides back down on it! With the final reward of a taste of Julian's thick cream pumping from his meat, the two are finally satiated.

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