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  • June 17, 2019


    Addison Graham is a boy-next-door wet dream with a loppy bang, a spray of freckles on his face and chest and a mischievous glint in his eye. He's the kind of stud we all dreamed about when we first started getting hard thinking about guys. His muscles are beautifully shaped, but not overdone. He could be the captain of the college diving team in a tightly packed speedo. Addison nuzzles and licks his shoulder and bicep as his other hand reaches down to rub his thickening crotch. The contours of a perfect long dick strain against the fabric of his Andrew Christians. After a bit of teasing, he lets his hard cock pop out free and stiff. He pulls the waistband of his undies back so he can work on his hardon with the other hand. Yanking forward from nuts to head, he settles dreamily into the sensation, tossing his head back with half-closed eyes. He looks straight as us to ask "What do you want to do to ME?" Addison's hips rock forward with each sensuous pump of his hands. He lies on the bed and his muscular chest pops up with each stroke of his lean hard-muscled arms. His legs are apart so we can get a perfect view of his smooth ass and tight nutsack. The muscles of his tight belly ripple a bit as his beating speeds up. He flashes a smile when he asks if we are ready for him to cum. Trust, we're ready! His whole body is a lean loving machine as his balls pull tight and into firing position. Spurt after spurt splash down onto smooth tan abs as he beams, giving us one last seductive glance to remember him by.

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