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  • June 6, 2019

    IslandStuds - Bearded Mark is Back!

    8" Super Hairy Jock Pumps Iron, Opens Hole, Pees & Blasts a Big Load in Oregon! Handsome Bearded All American Mark is Back! Island Studs totally hairy Graduate Business Student at U of Oregon, an avid rock climber and yoga advocate, former Conservative from a large devout Christian family, with an impressive long 8" cock, a lean hairy body, 8 pack of abs covered in dark man fur and killer hairy athletic butt he spreads wide open several times revealing his super hairy man hole, who flexes and poses fully erect, lifts weights fully nude with his rock hard 8" Hungarian German cock throbbing, takes a long piss in the forest in the Oregon mountains, reveals many private sex stories including remaining a virgin until 25, sits down in a chair by the forest showing off his perfectly formed 8" monster cock, strokes and grabs his big furry balls before moaning loudly and busting trunk loads of cum all over this hairy balls, belly and solid abs in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! This video is even more hot then Mark's sexy outdoor duo with his equally hairy tanky friend, Andre, in their first video for Island Studs: Naked Frisbee!. If you missed the pounding HOT Duo Action of Mark & Andre playing and pissing together riverside, join today to see it all the unedited action! Now, 31, 5'11" & a ripped lean 155 lbs lbs, horny Mark has the perfect 8" man cock with hair EVERYWHERE on this body: Sculpted Beard, Hairy Chest, Abs, Legs, Armpits, Crotch and super furry tight ASS, both on his round ass cheeks and deep inside his man crack! This well educated, friendly, totally hairy jock was raised in a strict Christian family with his 3 brothers, Mathew, John and Luke. They were told to abstain from sex until marriage and jerking off was a sin. Listen to this 'Recovering Christian" tell the amazing story of standing naked and rock hard infront of 2 Naked Spanish Girls, ON THEIR KNEES in Barcelona, begging to Suck his big 8" COCK at the age of 23, and him pleading: "NO, please I am too Christian for that!" And then finally losing his virginity two years later, at 25, also in Spain with a girl who raved about the size of his Man Cock and how he used it! Lucky Girl! There are so many more personal private stories Mark shares with us in this great new video from Island Studs. All caught on camera here! Mark states with a smile, "My crazy liberal girlfriend knows I am here today modeling nude!" Mark arrives for this, his first solo jerk off video for Island Studs, wearing his college clothes: crisp green jeans and dark blue shirt! He removes his jeans, revealing super tight blue undies that grab is cock, balls and bubble butt. He playfully turns around and moons the camera, peeling down his sexy tight panties. Feast your eyes on his beautiful hard 8" dick, mouth watering nuts and that hairy man ass as he jerks in the green forest fully naked! Yummy! Mark gives us great views of his hairy armpits and man hole as he starts his naked weight lifting session! What a great furry body! Dick Lovers will appreciate this video with so many camera angles of his throbbing 8" Tool with his heavy ball sack dangling between his hairy thighs as he works out unaware of our cameras. Horny Mark can not take his hands off his hard cock - which is erect for most of this entire new video from Island Studs! Watch as this sexy Furry Half Hungarian, Half German and All American College Jock turns his hairy butt to the camera and bends over WIDE to perform chest presses with the barbell, revealing his pink hole and his hairy balls dangle between his legs. Wow, what an awesome sight! There is something so sexy about watching a ripped bearded stud bending over working out naked in the lush green Mountains of Oregon! Watch as Happy Mark finds a place in the thick forest to take a piss! He climbs up a small hill and turns to the camera to release a big golden shower! He grabs his cock and wiggles it, forcing his piss to water a wider area of nature! His guy is so much fun to watch as he pees! Still sweating from his lengthy Hot Naked Work Out Session, Mark sits down in a chair beside the forest to enjoy his beautiful furry cock and balls. Listen to this friendly Graduate Student talk to us while he flexes, poses and stroke his cock! Watch Handsome Mark smiling, stroking and moaning while pulling on his hairy balls is so sexy. Listen to as Mark moan loudly as he shoots an explosive load of thick white cum all over himself! His hands, ball sack and furry belly get covered in his own creamy man juice. What a massive jizz shot! Covered in his own sweat and with cum oozing out between all his fingers, Mark smiles and shows off all the cum he released! Still dripping sperm, he walks to the in the shower room to soap up his hairy body. His sexy soapy shower scene is not to be missed! Watch as this sexy hairy Stud lathers up his entire hairy body with sudsy soap and then bends over, grabs his ankles in a extreme Yoga pose. Every inch of his dark furry limber torso is soapy as he pulls his face to his knees! Check out his hairy butt as he turns his ass to the camera, yet again, bends over and opens his ass crack with both hands to permit warm water to beat against his pink hairy man hole! We love that Mark likes to show off his Ass and Cock with such ease! Wouldn't you love to walk into your local Yoga Studio and see naked hairy Mark doing Naked Yoga! We are so pleased Furry Oregon Grad Student Mark has returned to Island Studs for this his second exclusive video for and his first ever solo jerk off session. He is a great addition to the expanding Stable of Hairy Men available in our Members Only area. 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