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  • August 31, 2019


    Julian is a 26-year-old Brazilian who moved to U.S. shortly after Christian Nationalists take over the country in the not-too-distant future. A cocky womanizer, Julian “defiles a virgin” – a crime punishable by extreme torture. He stands before a judge in our dungeon, dressed in a biker jacket, boots and ripped jeans, his arms bound behind a steel pole. He begs for mercy, claiming he is unfamiliar with the new laws. “There will be no mercy; the Lord demands payment in pain,” the judge replies. "You will be severely tortured, in this very room, with electricity, physical blows and the whip, then you will be crucified and your body broken on the rack,” he says, as Julian looks down, terrified. A guard unzips the stud's jacket and rips open his shirt. The judge gasps at the ripped abs and massive pecs then orders the guard to beat him senseless.

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