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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hen Night Life Drawing


Naked Protest

NextDoorTwink.com: Milk Bone

Dressed in white and loading up on calcium, these guys are ready to do a body good. After getting in their daily dose of vitamin D, Trevor, Dane and Jackson are ready to get a daily dose of cock. Quickly they melt into the loveseat and disrobe, Trevor stripping Dane as Jackson blows both of them. Trevor slides behind Jackson and begins to tongue his ass, prepping it for penetration, as Dane strokes his cock into Jackson’s mouth. As Trevor’s cock enters Jackson’s sweet asshole, he moans and the sound vibrates the head of Dane’s cock still in Jackson’s mouth. Trevor pumps Jackson from behind as Dane strokes himself to contentment, his load building as he watches the two lovers fuck. Trevor fucks Jackson’s hole into submission as Jackson rides him and explodes all over his chest simultaneously, so Trevor pulls out and lets his load fly as Dane leans in and blasts Jackson’s chest with his gooey goodness. Now that’s how a body gets d one.

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Ruggerbugger has caught French rugby player Tom Ecochard naked in the locker room. The 19 year old cutie is a rising star in sports and a brute on the field. Here he’s caught in a vulnerable moment. While the reporters take interviews in the locker room unsuspecting Tom towels down after showering and shows off his tight butt. See more of Ecochard exposed at Ruggerbugger!

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Top Up Down Bottom