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At, the prison guards, ably assisted by inmate James, are teaching Bob Smith a lesson he'll never forget! His arse is getting a right pounding as they take their pleasure with his tight hole. They take it in turns to finger fucker him to remind him that he's as low down in the pecking order as he can go. It may be rough justice but Bob just has to suck it all up.

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Addison is throwing a house party at his Stepdads pad and he's calling up all his friends to invite them over for a night of drinking and adventures. What Addison doesn't know is that Max is standing in the doorway listening to his conversation and on his last phone call he tells Addison the only party he is having is the one that's coming out of his pants and if he wants him to leave he's going to have to give him some amazing head. Addison crawls over to him and Max drops his shorts and Addison takes in the fat cock and begins to suck it deeply and caressing his step-dads balls all at the same time. Addison is making love to that cock because he wants all his friends over for fun. After Max is done face fucking him he lays him on the bed and spreads his tight pink hole wide open and buries his beard and face between those soft young cheeks. Max rims his hole deeply and gets that tight hole dripping with saliva. Max can tell Addison is ready for his thick dick so he mounts up and pushes slowly into his tight young ass. Addison opens his hole up for his step-dad and pushes back into him letting Max go balls deep. Max starts to fuck him slow then fast until Addison wants to control and wants to ride that shaft. They switch positions and Addison rids Max's dick like a champ grinding it hard and deep until Max is about to cum and he flips Addison on his back and pulls his dick out releasing his built up load all over Addison's smooth chest. Addison strokes his dick until he erupts all over himself and they finish it all off with a kiss and of course, Max tells him he can still have his party.Enjoy!

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BOYNAPPED - Jack Taylor & Youri Chevalier A Very Obedient Cock Sucker

It doesn't take a whole lot to get horny boy Youri following orders, not when the guy taking control is gorgeous and hung young stud Jack. His big uncut cock is delicious, not many boys would say no. Of course, it helps that the naked young hunk has a zapper to control his submissive slave, directing him as he feeds Youri his tasty shaft and makes him service him. After a long session of oral worship Jack strings him up and face fucks the hanging boy for a bit of extra fun before drenching his face in his powerful cum load!

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ACTIVEDUTY - Ripley, Jay Ice & Quentin Gainz

Ripley and Quentin are hanging out in the armory chatting about how they are hoping today will be a relaxing day but in the background you can hear Jay coming down the hall. Jay bursts onto the scene, and immediately tells the soldiers to man up and pull their cocks out and begin stroking for him. Jay demands that they reply with, yes Sir, to every command he gives. Ripley and Quentin obey every word that spews out of Jay's mouth. Jay demands that Ripley start blowing Quentin's cock so it can get nice and hard for his ass later on. Ripley wraps his mouth around Quentin's dick and gags all over it until Jay barks orders for Quentin to get on his knees and suck on Ripley's huge thick dick. Jay's had enough and now wants Quentin to fuck Ripley hard and fast. Ripley hears the call and immediately bends his ass over and spreads his cheeks for Quentin's big dick. Quentin goes balls deep pounding away at Ripley's eager tight hole. Jay loves the sounds of balls smacking on Ripley. Finally, Jay has had enough and his balls are ready to be depleted. He tells them to stop fucking and orders Quentin to stroke his nut out on Ripley's chest with him. Jay and Quentin stroke their dicks until they cum all over Ripley's smooth chest. Enjoy!

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Island Studs - Naughty Emo Niko: Uncut SF Rocker Boy, Pees x2, Works & Busts a Big Load in Hawaii!

Niko, is a tall thin tattooed Emo Bay Area Rocker with a full bush of black dick hair on a thick uncut cock, big saggy hairy balls and a smooth virgin white ass, who poses in his tight red underwear with a boner hanging out, stretches and pulls on this fantastic foreskin, trims his toenails balls out, walks with a bucket and tools down the driveway fully hard, works in the garden fully naked pulling weeds with his big balls dangling between his yummy ass, spreads his boy butt cheeks wide open showing his pink hole, takes a power piss two times, before busting a huge creamy load which drips down his perfect thick uncut cock and balls in this Exclusive Video new video from Island Studs. Feet Lovers will marvel at all the footage of sexy Niko and his feet in this hot new video as he trims his toe nails and grooms this feet seated on a sofa with his uncut cock and balls laying out in full view. Feast your eyes on this former Soldier, now Island Rookie Farm Boy and his tight hairless body as he walks around the property naked, with a raging hard on. Horny Niko laughs as he tells the story of moving to the Hawaiian Islands with his sister to work on a large fruit farm. 25 years old, a tall 6' and 150 pounds, Niko is a little nervous being filmed and photographed posing and working and jerking off nude outdoors for his first time! But horny and no place to jerk with his sister in the house, Niko is thrilled to jerk off for us today on camera! Check out his full bush of thick dark cock hair, narrow boy waist, furry belly and that naturally hairless boy BUTT! Niko is soft spoken, nervous, shy and simply yummy to watch as he strokes his super thick uncut cock throughout this new video! Check out the beautiful rock hard man size dick and his ample foreskin he enjoys playing with. When he strips out of his jeans, this horny lad flops his cock and balls out of his bright red underwear, and strokes is to a massive towering erection. Niko has an awesome belly slapper that curves up to his fully belly button! It is so sexy to see a real straight boy so eager to cum! For the Island Studs, popular Naked Worker Series, I ask naughty Niko to pull weeds in the garden wearing nothing but a big happy smile! Fully hard and horny Niko stands in the tropical Hawaiian garden and takes a Power Piss! Bright yellow pee, blasts out of this throbbing cock as he attempts to hold it down so he does not stray himself with his own warm piss! All caught on camera for the first time here! We get great views of Lanky Niko tight body and lots of shots of his dirty feet as in tills in the soil. His heavy saggy ball sack dangles between his white virgin ass as his bends over and works. His smooth butt opens wide exposing is pink boy hole several times! This nudist garden house boy is a treasure! After his dirty garden boy work, horny Niko sits on a sofa outside and begins a long slow jerk off session. Watch this young former Soldier boy enjoy his thick uncut cock and foreskin! Niko loves giving his solid uncut cock and big hairy ball sack lots of attention as he jerks. He uses both hands to rub his big boner and balls. Naughty Niko's long jerk off session is caught on two different cameras from two completely different angles! Once again Island Studs delivers hot JO action from all possible positions! Watch as this tall twink farm boy shoots thick globs of cum all over his dick, balls and hands. Cum continues to ooze out of his dick and drips onto his big balls and then to the deck between his dirty bare feet. This is one big creamy Bay Area boy load! Watch Niko walk to the beautiful outdoor shower with his uncut meat fully hard and white cum dripping off his throbber! Niko takes a sensual shower outside in the sun. Enjoy watching, as he soaps up his big uncut cock and scrubs his dirty feet this a shower brush! But wait! Niko has to pee again! All wet, Niko walks to the outdoor fire pit and releases a second Power Piss. Pee blasts out of his uncut firehose again! This happy young rocker is full of pee! We are pleased Horny Niko moved to Hawaii with his sister and is open to stroking his perfect uncut belly slapper on camera for the first time. Don't miss this sweet, shy, Island Studs rookie and his naked adventures and the loads of cum in his first video ever! Niko is a cute, friendly straight boy, full of laughter when his is naked! See all the action today! Instant Access. Join Now!

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