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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lachende bastien - 120 dnů Svobody - Sademuzikálový song

HighPerformanceMen.com: Worked Over

High Performance Men is pleased to present Worked Over starring exclusive Joe Parker and Mitch Vaughn. Joe Parker is busy outside washing off his paint pan when Mitch sneaks up on him and startles him causing him to get both wet with the hose. Pleasantly surprised, Joe quickly embraces Mitch and the two share a deep passionate kiss. Soon Mitch has Joe up against the wall with his pants around his ankles as he works over Joe's monster 9' cock with his mouth and the water from the hose. Joe soon returns the favor and he deep throats all of Mitch causing Mitch's knees to almost buckle. The two then make their way inside where they quickly get into a very hot 69. Having Mitch's ass so close to his face, Joe cannot hold back and buries his tongue deep into Mitch's hole. He then buries his cock deep inside Mitch as he rides his cock deep and hard before standing up on the couch to take it even deeper. The two finish off in a classic missionary position with Joe's cock thrusting in and out of Mitch's ass until Joe cannot take it any longer and he pulls out and shoots a nice load on Mitch's stomach. Mitch then shoots a huge load that flies over his own head. This is one hot scene! Enjoy
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Party rock star Wayne is shown BreederFuckers idea of a good time. Bound and suspended from the ceiling his smooth muscular body makes an inviting target for Dave to thrash as he slowly turns midair. His pale ass burns red. Every wallop causes the straight fucker to moan piteously through his ball gag. Adrian prises open his ass using a fucking machine’s thick dildo. Wayne fights the onslaught with every fibre of his being but his defences are steadily broken down leaving his hole loose and sloppy for a real fucking. His bum cheeks are split open as both men’s stiff dicks are then shoved up his sore hole. Adrian slides under the suspended man and pegs his nipples. With one swift motion they are ripped off making him wail with pain as his entire body and all his senses are simultaneously and mercilessly assaulted.

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COLTstudiogroup.com: Bum Rush, Scene 3

Flexing and posing in the mirror, boxing studs David Sweet and Michael Troy show it off and appraise each other’s toned and muscular physiques. It’s not long before busy eyes become busy hands and posing and flexing turns into groping and tongue lashing.

David kneels as he lowers Michael’s boxing trucks, revealing a mouthwatering piece of thick and juicy, uncut jock-meat. David quickly wraps his hungry lips around that big dick. Each guy spends ample time down on his knees they both get down on the floor for a hot session of mutual feeding of uncut cock.

Michael edges closer as he drills his cock deep into David's throat. Just as he is about to explode, Michael aims his big man-shooter directly over David’s face and unleashes a hot facial of white-hot cum. Feeling that hot dick juice landing on his face is all it takes to start David shooting his big load. Both their cocks erupt in a climax of hot and steamy guy-on-guy satisfaction.

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EricDeman has a video of stunningly fit rugby players playing a nude game in front of smiling groups of fans. The naked athletes perform a naked haka and tackle each other on the field, their dicks and asses rubbing against each other as they crash together. These hulking muscular sportsmen have no shame and proudly show off as they battle it out. Download the full video from EricDeman.

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