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Monday, October 14, 2013

Matt Brookes, Luke Desmond & Brez W Mating Season Episode 6: Matt Fucks Two Hung Voyeurs

With the tent all to himself, horny boy Matt decides to grab his ipad and enjoy a nice wank. However, it turns out that Brez and Luke are also back on the moors for an anniversary camping trip and they spot a nice big tent! They decide to go and take a look and find Matt jerking off... Matt's not happy when he spots them spying on him and pulls them in to the tent and demands they strip naked! Brez and Luke are lost for words and quickly comply... and the next thing they know they're in a 3 way where they both end up getting fucked :-)

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Bound Jocks – Dirk Caber & Derek Pain

Big bound jock Derek Pain is back for more abuse at our IML booth. Using rods and rope coach Dirk Caber binds this massive brute in a standing spread eagle so his muscles are on perfect display for the crowd. Dirk then punches, slaps and then electrifies Derek with a violet wand until Derek is reduced to drooling through his ball gag and pleading for mercy in front of the crowd!

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Raging Stallion – Aybars & Donato Reyes

Aybars and Donato Reyes both have muscular shoulders, a deep chest and hair curling over the neckline of their sexy tank tops. They make out on a sunny balcony over the Mediterranean. Aybars kneels; Donato sucks in his breath as Aybars sucks in his cock, crossing his arms to peel the tank off. Then each does what the other just did and they’re naked. Oral foreplay veers to rimming, with Aybars, the furrier of the two, especially eager to plunge his tongue into Donato’s hole and hunk Donato eager to accommodate. Aybars signals his further intent by sliding his fat cut cock along the crevice of those smooth, tan buns. Donato is ripe for the taking. The sounds he makes as Aybars’ cock pounds relentlessly into him convey sexual bliss. Swiveling to a sit fuck affords close views of the walls of Donato’s hole grasping the shaft that fills it. Donato flips onto his back as he’s about to cum, jerking a heavy load onto his abs while Aybars’ belly slams against his balls, adding to the intensity of the orgasm. Aybars adds a load that’s twice the volume, collapsing on Donato chest to chest for a last kiss.

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Who is that in the bushes? That dirty perv EricDeman has been spying on guys at truck stops and parks again. Luckily the guys he’s watching don’t catch him as he secretly films them with their dicks out having a piss. What better way to survey which guys like to give their dicks a good shake before tucking them back in?

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