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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Extra Big Dicks – A Runner’s Fantasy

It’s a beautiful day out and who wouldn’t want to be outside jogging on such a sunny day? Tripp and Jacques are both out jogging not knowing what’s in store for them today. Jogging is always much more fun with a buddy but these two for the moment are on a solo mission – that is until they run past each other and they both give the ‘look back’ and so they stop for a small chat in the road. Their jogging shorts are slim and very short plus neither are wearing underwear so it’s very easy to see their huge bulges flopping around. After a short chat they decide to finish the run and head over to Tripp’s place. Once in the door they start making out and pulling on their cocks. The softness of the shorts and both of their hands rubbing and stroking their cocks against the material is driving them both crazy. The shorts drop and behold two huge thick succulent cocks which both deserve a nice sloppy BJ. Once they both have had a taste Tripp is bent over the bed and Jacques is ready to dive deep into his tight small hole. Jacques’ thick meat can barely fit into Tripp’s small ass but he eventually gets in balls deep. After a few hot sexy positions of pounding Tripp’s ass Jacques is ready for them both to let loose their hot creamy loads. Enjoy!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

In ‘Lockeroom Bullies’ at CFNM.net, under the guise of performing a medical examination to check him over, Lisa and Chloe are taking all sorts of liberties with the naked boy. Sam doesn't understand what is going on and cannot think of a way of putting a stop to it. The older girls scare the hell out of him and he's too frightened to cross them making it easy for them to take advantage of the boy’s virgin ass.

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It's the toughest job interview Robbie has ever had to attend at CFNMTV.com. The two women are certainly putting him through his paces. His anus throbs painfully from being repeatedly penetrated and he can barely concentrate on the all important sales call he is making. But his humiliation doesn't stop there - Clarissa and Ursula want to see if such a big man can provide them with an equally impressive sperm sample.

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Next Door Twink – Missed Connection (Part Two)

They had what they thought would be a one-time fling…until Silas Gray became hungry for more. He became too hungry to let it just fade into a distant memory. The dick that Danny Forest anonymously pushed inside his sweet ass was too good. The faceless boy on the other side of that bathroom stall at the gym felt like none other he’d experienced.Silas posted an ad in the Missed Connection section of Craigslist. To his surprise that mysterious, well hung guy replied. He had a feeling the chemistry was too strong for both to forget. Danny agreed to meet Silas at Silas’s house, as Silas had explained his parents were out of town. Danny showed up told Silas he was the first guy he’d ever had sexual contact. This fact made Silas’s cock even harder than it already had been since the experience. They wasted little time before Silas ripped Danny’s shirt off and began sucking and licking his nipples. Soon after Silas was sucking Danny’s erect dick fervently. Danny could hardly believe the intense rush of sensual feeling. Danny then reciprocated with a passionate blowjob. Then Danny did something he had only fantasized about. Silas bent over the couch and let Danny taste his tight hole. A little later, Danny slid his rock-hard cock into Silas, feeling the incredible tightness and warmth. They fucked hard. Danny moved around to the back of the couch where he continued to slam Silas’s cute, plump bottom. Come watch these two, no-longer-anonymous boys let their hunger for raw, unrestrained sex run free.Enjoy!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net Joel has mentally prepared himself to be as compliant and agreeable as possible to secure this job in the gym. He's aware that he is unskilled labour and completely disposable. The manager knows how desperate he is to make a good impression so he decides to have fun with the boy. He uses him as a model for the client's gear, testing the fit of the sheer fabric against Joe's naked bare skin.

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Men of Montreal – Jason Bourque’s First Time

Jason Bourque is a short guy, but he’s big in all the right places. Standing at 5’3′ and weighing 143 lbs, he certainly manages to not go unnoticed with that studly masculine demeanor, nice 8′ uncut cock and chiseled muscled body. Jason is a good friend of Damien Hope, our ex-serviceman. Jason was revved up for a good bone-pounding when he arrived for his solo. This 22 year old straight stud says he hasn’t been getting good sex of late. Boy wouldn’t we love to help him change that. Once settled on the couch, he was talking with Damien on his cell while he was checking out the chicks on the net in our living room. He wouldn’t admit to that fact with Damien, who wasn’t aware that Jason was doing his solo, but he instead said that he was busy doing some work. They had planned to meet up later that night to go out, but until then, he was ready to give us a show, and boy did he ever. He quickly shed his computer and cell phone (and clothes) and started strutting his stuff for the camera.Showing us his natural talent and camera-friendly attitude, his hands quickly made their way to his stiff dick pressing against his perfectly fitting boxers. Spitting and slowly stroking his foreskin-covered cock, Jason kept massaging his balls while stroking his bone-hard cock. With those pierced ears and nipple, and shaved head, his look can spell bad boy, but he’s anything but bad. Charming and friendly, he seems pretty comfortable beating his meat in front of gay guys. He doesn’t seem too bothered either by playing with his ass. Unlike most straight guys his ass doesn’t seem taboo to him.When it came time for him to cum, Jason didn’t disappoint. Jet after jet of white baby batter spilled out of his cock head onto the glass coffee table in front of him. What a delicious load he unleashed for us. This was his first experience performing for guys, but he seems pretty comfortable to try more. So we’ve booked him for another scene, taking things a little further with a guy… We definitely need to watch this stud go. Enjoy!

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David has gone on to make a number of hardcore videos, but the first sexual contact with another man this totally heterosexual guy ever had was at TheCastingRoom. It’s a massive challenge for a cocky young straight lad to feel that first man on man touch. It’s worse than parachuting out of a plane. This is raw and real footage of nervous David sucking a dick and taking it up the ass for the very first time. It’s totally alien to him opening his mouth wide enough to fully take a cock in his tight puckered mouth so he almost retches. What he finds most difficult is how easy it is for him to grow an erection with Dave’s skilful sucking and manipulation of his cock. The look of trepidation and surprise on the face of this tough hetero is priceless.

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