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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Next Door Ebony – Naked Lunch

He’s a hard working, white-collar employee who values his lunch time more than anything during his day. That’s why Tyce Jax always spends it wisely. This time he’s run into a handsome stranger right near the freeway overpass. The stranger’s name is Jin Powers and he likes the way Tyce moves.Hungry looks are exchanged and Jin follows after Tyce. They walk underneath a nearby bridge where Jin rubs Tyce’s swelling cock. After some kissing, they leave and find a cheap motel room where they can indulge on each other for a little while. It’s Jin’s lunch too and he’s been hungry for fat, hot dick all day. He devours Tyce’s hard beef ravenously. Then he licks all around Tyce’s sweet asshole. Jin decides to fuck Tyce. He pushes his large, thick member into the stranger’s hole and pounds him hard, two different ways. Then they switch off so Tyce can slam Jin’s eager pocket. Come along as two complete strangers become very acquainted in this incredibly sexy encounter. Enjoy!

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Extra Big Dicks – I Can Take It

Kaydin has had a long workout at the gym today and is finishing up his shower in the locker room. Mike walks in quietly and Kaydin doesn’t seem to notice him but Mike has noticed and takes a few glances over at Kaydin while he finishes drying off. The two begin to talk and notice how fit and muscular their abs are. Mike suggests that they should hook up one day but Kaydin doesn’t think he can take his big uncut cock. Mike sees it as a challenge and gets on his knees to service that sexy smooth monster cock. Mike strokes and sucks the big beast paying close attention to the foreskin as he rubs Kaydin’s gorgeous cock all over his face. After a nice long bj Mike is ready for that thick meat to be pushed inside his small opening. He takes a deep breath, and behold all 9 or so inches fits nicely. Kaydin goes balls deep pumping and fucking Mike’s small little ass. Mike rides that cock up and down enjoying the pleasure that ensues. You can only take so much with a cock like that and Mike is ready for a hot load all over his face and Kaydin is happy to oblige. Enjoy!

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Men of Montreal – A Sex Machine!

Lebeau he stated that he’s bi-curious, but honestly, when you chat with him a while, you realize that he has already indulged his curiosity and knows a thing or two about dudes. With guys, he says it’s ‘better sex’.This shoot was his first foray into the world of porn. Since then however, he has tried it out a couple of more times with other sites. Nathan was pretty comfortable for his porn initiation and kept a pretty intense beat throughout his scene. Not only does he love to play with his dick, but his butt hole garners a fair bit of his attention also.Nathan couldn’t wait to get his shorts off and get things going. His conversation with Marko wasn’t even over, yet he rubbing his dick through his shorts and ready to strip his shorts off at a seconds notice.When he did get started, he enjoyed massaging his chest and arms. He quickly went for the shorts and peeled them off revealing a hardening dick that was pointing steadfastly upwards. Licking the tip, he started jerking off with gusto. He kept lubing his dick with his spit and was jacking it off with force when he raised his legs, lubed his fingers and started playing with his butt hole. He loved slapping his balls from time to time and his ass cheeks as well. Nathan was enjoying himself and playing eagerly to the camera. This guy clearly is a natural show off. He kept up this intense rhythm, slapping and fingering his butt hole every so often with one hand, while the other was working on his dick.Nathan was standing up when he got close to cumming and indeed he shot quite a hefty load that spewed onto the floor and his thighs and balls. It with an air of contentment that he capped off the shoot, confident that he had done a good job.

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At TheCastingRoom, Kiel is a randy straight lad looking for some extra cash. He enjoys showing off his tattooed body and getting it off in public. The thrill of danger and possibility of being overseen while getting off gets his dick even harder. We think Kiel has the potential to be a proper pervy bastard on camera. With every sexual experience he’s growing more adventurous and he is one of those hetero types who just needs to be pushed in the right direction to reveal what a dirty fucker he really is.

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Next Door Twink – The Rebound

He’s single, horny, and wants more. Not long ago, Micky Mackenzie and his now ex boyfriend, Cameron Walker called on the sexy Zak Reed to help their relationship by fucking them both. Things didn’t end up working out for Micky and Cameron, but Micky sure liked the way Zak pounded his ass!When Zak gets the text from Micky, he eager to have another go. He invites Micky over to his parents’ guest house, and the two embrace and kiss deeply upon reuniting. They don’t waste much time before letting passion take control. Zak rips his shirt off and pulls out Micky’s fat dick. He sucks it hard and good for a while before pulling out his own throbber so Micky can taste it. Soon Micky is riding Zak’s hard cock again, just like the first time. However, now Micky can focus all his intensity on Zak. This time Micky has a surprise for Zak. When Zak asks if Micky’s ready to finally try topping, he gives him a ‘yes!’ Watch reluctant Micky try his dick out at fucking as Zak gets his sweet hole pounded. Enjoy!

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At BrutalTops, brand new Master Tom is a handsome, masculine fucker. Once aroused, this sadistic top demands that all his urges are satisfied. He appears after working on a building site and is sweaty and smelly. Cringing sub elliott is completely naked and waiting for the damage that's going to occur. First he has to lick the Master's filthy boots. With belt in hand to menace the crawling sub, Master Tom removes all his clothes to show off his bulging underpants and muscular body. Elliott is ordered to lick and suck his Master's toes.

Then the top grabs a huge dildo which he rams into the back of the sub's quietly murmuring mouth. This causes damage as the sub gags on it and spittle dribbles from his lips. The Master snarls as he watches what he's causing. When the dildo is thoroughly wet, the Master orders the sub to sit on it, which he does with quiet complaints and the top looking on with a sneer on his face. This excites the top who then pushes his dick into the back of the sub's mouth and enjoys the look of horror on the face of the sub as he rams in his dick ever more harshly.

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If Rob is going to be a sex toy for men he has to cater to whatever fantasy we desire. This mean straight lad looks very hot kitted up in army gear. He's tied up like a new recruit going through the hardest initiation ritual of his life. Rob angrily resists and insults his new owners every chance he gets so needs to be taught to obey. For this straight lad there is no worse hurdle to overcome than the mental anguish of kissing another man. They restrain the hot man and make him open his mouth to theirs while they slather him with their tongues. The most effective way to keep him in check is make it so every breath he takes is given to him by his captors. They tie a rope around his neck and attach it to a weight. There is no mouthing back now. With his hot hairy chest exposed they stroke his bulge till he can't help developing a big stiffy. His underwear is pulled down to reveal his burning erection and big loose balls. It's not about his pleasure. They rub up against his tight arse while smacking his stiffy down. That hairy hole of his is so tempting Adrian can't resist plunging his finger inside to invade his warm anus. The men discipline him by flogging the bastard's body and arse. Pegs are attached up and down his body so that every nerve ending is being stimulated. While getting a beating they are then torn off him so his whole body is aflame with agonizing sensation. Now giving a kiss doesn't seem so bad.

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