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Monday, September 22, 2014

Falcon Studios – Brent Corrigan & Sean Zevran

Brent Corrigan and Sean Zevran face each other on the locker room bench, wearing only jockstraps, socks and sneakers. Passionate kisses start at the lips and travel south. Brent uncovers Sean’s enormous, uncut cock from the jockstrap pouch for an expert blowjob that leaves Sean eager to return the favor. Brent leans back on the bench as Sean swallows Brent’s cock all the way down to the ginger pubes. They just can’t get enough of each other, so they move to a 69 position: Brent sucks Sean’s cock while Sean eats Brent’s hole. Sweat and spit are inescapable. When Sean stands up and starts to fuck Brent’s ass, the sexual energy peaks. Brent’s broad shoulders and firm glutes are on full display, and Sean uses every muscle in his body to deliver an uninhibited pounding. Change positions: Sean lies on the ground, and Brent sits down on Sean’s gargantuan tool, fucking himself until cum flies across the floor. Sean stands and delivers a full-force load to Brent’s face, and the two return to the passionate kissing that started the scene.

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Next Door Buddies – Alarming Hot Fire

For Luke Adams, a quiet day at home in the kitchen is about to turn into quite a heated interaction. Distracting himself from his burning stove, Luke smells smoke about the same time as the fire department arrives, and though he’s panicked and worried about his kitchen burning to the ground, he can’t help but notice how hot the emergency response technician is. Joey Jay is used to saving people from disaster, but what he’s really good at his taking care of people asses after the threat has passed, and that’s just what Luke is hoping for. Unzipping Joey’s unifom pants, Luke seeks to repay Joey the best way he knows how, downing Joey’s giant cock in appreciation for his timely response. Joey quickly shows his gratitude, as his cock swells up to maximum density, so he bends Luke up against a pillar and pounds him standing there in the hallway. Luky braces himself against the concrete structure as Joey prods and pokes, moving him over to the table and spreading him out on top, pumping him missionary as he milks the cum out of his cock, which prompts Joey to pull out and hose Luke down for a second time in one afternoon.Enjoy!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net, whilst being stripped totally naked by the two fully-clothed women was embarrassing for Robbie, nothing compares to the feelings of vulnerability from being on all-fours on the desk with his anus on display. He knows he must convince Mrs Helmholtz to sign up to their service - but a sense of dread starts to overtake him as they handle his body.

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Male Reality – Johny Lucas & Micky

Everyone knows what happens at roadside rest rooms, even a horny old goat with cash to blow.

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Hot House – Dylan Knight & Rylan Knox

From “Play Hard” scene 1

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What Henry thought was going to be a simple medical examination has turned into something a lot more humiliating. Not only has he been stripped naked and made to expose himself to a room full of fully-clothed women, he's now also being asked very personal questions that will reveal his innermost sexual desires causing him to grow a large erection.

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Circle Jerk Boys – Scene Studies

It’s time for Theatre class and Jake is trying his best to teach Benn the correct way to show your emotions without it being forced. They repeat line after line but Benn continues to struggle with the words and keeps coming off as a really bad actor. Finally Jake moves in real close and surprises Benn with a kiss who then takes a step back but continues on when Jake reassures him it’s all about the emotions. Benn is then serviced by his mentor as he sucks on his thick cock getting him ready for the phase of teachings. Jake swaps with him and now he can enjoy in that young mouth sucking and slurping on his big dick. The teacher bends him over the desk spreads his legs and goes balls deep pumping and thrusting sooner than thought. The moans and groans are heard from Benn as his teacher is wrapped around him fucking his young tight ass. Finally Jake lays him on the table to get him ready for his built up cum load that’s been building up since the class started. With the last pump Benn’s emotions are finally seen as his load shoots out all over his chest. Enjoy

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net boss Stewart is one hard bastard. He marches through the office corridors barking orders and demanding his employees bow to his every command. But this dirty boss has been cheating on his wife with the big-titted girl from accounting who also happens to be one mouthy whore. With video evidence to hold against him the men take the upper hand stripping him down naked to take advantage of his hard muscular body.

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