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Saturday, September 27, 2014


At TheCastingRoom, Justinas is a clean-cut straight guy who acts like he’s been living on an island his whole life. He arrives so full of excitement and energy wanting to try everything sexual, but as soon as it’s suggested he try anything other than missionary hetero sex he shakes his head frantically saying “Not me!” There’s something so charmingly seductive about such wide eyed innocence and youthful enthusiasm. Not to mention this tall lean stud’s fit body, tight pale bum and long silky foreskin.

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At BrutalTops, snarling Master Tom enters and gets feeble sub elliott to strip off his clothes and reveal his hard body. He manhandles the sub and forces him to lick clean his stinking armpits. All the sweat on the Master's body is slurped off by the whimpering sub. With his belt in hand, Tom harshly thrashes the ass of elliott before reversing onto his embarrassed face and making him lick clean his rancid asshole.

This gets the top very excited as the sub's soft tongue goes in and out of his anus. The sub is used as human toilet paper. Then the top looks around with disdain at the ruined sub who laps away busily behind him.
When his ass is clean, the Master lets rip with his belt which he uses to thrash down blow after blow on the sub's buttocks which soon becomes red raw. Elliott feebly complains about the damage which is being inflicted, but to no avail. The sadistic Master is enjoying himself too much to stop the harsh ass-thrashing treatment.

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At BreederFuckers, angry young man Tom thinks he can keep his body exclusively for the fairer sex, but we want him on display for only men to enjoy. He’s tied down with his naked body spread open and a ball gag in his gob to stop his filthy mouth. Dave seizes Tom’s dick and strokes him till he grows a semi-hard on. The hetero is disgusted that not only is another man stroking his cock but the dirty fucker can’t stop himself getting a rise from the manipulative touch. The infuriated builder tries to fight against his restraints and shouts at Dave through his gag. Tom needs to learn some fucking manners. His cock is restrained under a set of chopsticks going all up his shaft. Next his sperm-filled potent balls are tightened inside a Perspex ball crusher. A row of pegs are attached to his cock and his sensitive pink glans. Now that his cock has been brought under control it’s time to plow into that tight arsehole. Dave doesn’t take any time to loosen him up but shoves a large dildo attached to a power tool directly up his arse and screws the whinging hetero. His hole is aggressively stretched wide open as his anal cavity is insistently fucked by the machine. Dave pulls out and takes a cane to whip his pale butt cheeks, his tender inner thighs and the soft soles of his feet. Dave laughs at Tom as he wriggles his feet desperately trying to cover them and sooth his aching soles. Tom would do anything to make this agony stop even agree to get fucked by the dildo again. Dave gladly thrusts it deep into him again hammering into this workman’s straight virgin hole. All the while Tom is aware of his genitals being crushed in the device and pegged. Tears tickle down Tom’s burning face. This thicko slowly begins to realize that this punishment will never stop. This heterosexual is now a slave to any man that wants to use him.

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Next Door Male – Raoul

Raoul is a good natured guy who knows when to turn up the intensity, but also knows how to kick back and just enjoy the good times. An east coast gym rat with aspirations to become a professional body builder, Raoul is serious about his training, and his body shows the fruit of his hard labor, as he flexes his massive arms and chest, straining his chiseled back as he curls a heavy load. After his workout, Raoul is pumping a different sort of heavy load, as he reclines on the bench and flicks his cock into action, rubbing at its base before flogging it fast & furiously. Standing up, he flexes his legs, tightening his ass muscles as he stares in the mirror, giving himself a good smack on the cheek and then laying back down on the changing bench where he goes for broke, losing his load underneath the lights of the gym as it puddles up, milky white on his stomach.Enjoy!

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There is a large group of very horny army inspection videos at EricDeman.com! Recruits are given thorough medical exams as part of their induction. This involves them lining up naked to have their dicks and asses inspected by a pervy old doctor and the commanding officers. Each morning the innocent young recruits are woken at the crack of dawn and have to line up by their beds whether they are naked or only wearing underwear which reveals their throbbing morning wood. See amazingly horny military videos at EricDeman.com - included in his massive library of over 66,000 videos of naked men, all available to download and permanently save!

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