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Saturday, October 25, 2014


New at TheCastingRoom, Ian is a sweet looking fit-bodied man, but this audition proves that looks can be deceiving. Up until this point he’s only engaged in conventional sex with women, but he’s secretly harboured many fantasies involving bondage like being tied and used by both men and women. He sees making porn as his opportunity to indulge in his seedier side and engage in all manner of raunchy situations while being paid for it. Totally inhibited, this stud shows off his trained muscular naked body and masturbates on command.

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Horny mean Brutal Tops master Tom finds his sub completely nude, looking weak, feeble and very pathetic. Sneering down at him, the sadistic Master orders the sub to pull down his underpants and suck his excited, hardening dick. This gets Tom in the mood for some harsh fucking and he quickly turns elliott around and makes him bend over to reveal a gaping asshole. Tom then proceeds to pump his cock up the squirming sub's rear and fucks the living daylights out of him.

On all fours, with his head pushed into the ground, the sub is powerless to prevent the Master from doing as he pleases with his asshole. The top clearly enjoys ploughing into the lad and turns him over onto his back with his legs in the air so that he can get better access to his rear. The Master sneers down at elliott with utter contempt until he can hold back no longer and pulls out his dick and spunks thick jizz onto the sub's face and smiles as some of the spunk goes into elliott's mouth and is swallowed by the defeated, exhausted worm.

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At BreederFuckers, backpacker Wayne makes a rookie mistake when visiting a new city by talking to a stranger. This travelling ladies' man is seeking out new adventures, but gets more than he reckoned for when he follows a shady character down to a basement where everything suddenly goes black for him. When he comes to he's naked and bound by his wrists and ankles in a sinister exam chair. Dave comes along to cuddle his new captive hetero. Wayne rudely greets him with a stream of filth. The only thing to do is shut the fucker up wrapping tape tightly around his head. Wayne must understand that his body is now merely meat for any man's eager consumption. Dave tastes his hetero dick and full balls while Wayne can only watch helplessly. His cock and nuts are tied up giving Dave full unimpeded access to Wayne's sphincter. Wayne watches in horror as his arsehole is tongue bathed by the aggressive pervert. Now that his butt is slicked up Dave invades his hole shoving his fingers into the angry man's rectum. Moaning in agony feeling his arse being penetrated Wayne will agree to anything to get it to stop. But Dave only replaces his finger with his big hard cock. Wayne's body is naked and splayed open as the man mounts him grunting, thrusting and kissing his mouth. The pain of being fucked reverberates through his whole body. Wayne has no idea if or when this merciless pounding of his arse will end. His eyes are locked open in shock horror staring at the man screwing him.

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