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Friday, November 14, 2014


EricDeman has hot new footage of a male nudist beach. This video makes us want to hop on a plane and strip off. After brushing up against two fellas while asking for directions the black guy in this video grows a massive hard on. The trio wander off together and we can only imagine that they found a nice cozy place together in the tall grass. Download many more horny candid videos from EricDeman.

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Next Door Ebony – Birthday Bang

XL knows his boyfriend Tyson Tyler doesn’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays, but he still wants to treat his man and show him how much he loves him. That’s why he put a candle in a cupcake and surprised Tyson this morning. Tyson couldn’t help but smile and thank his handsome man with a sensuous smooch. XL likes this, and knows that Tyson can’t just let a hot kiss stand without engaging in even hotter action. Tyson goes to his knees and pulls out XL’s giant cock. It’s already very hard, just right for Tyson to suck. He takes it deep, making XL weak in the knees. After a little of this sweet slurping, XL returns the favor by enjoying Tyson’s massive, stiff meat in his mouth. Then Tyson gets a taste of his luscious boyfriend’s sweet hole. He knows that not only does XL love this, it also gets his ass ready for hard fucking. You’ve been invited to attend this small, intimate birthday party for Tyson. Get ready to witness some good, hot sex as Tyson unloads on XL. Then see these incredible boys switch so XL can slam Tyson’s perfect ass. It’s exactly the gift Tyson was hoping for this year! Enjoy!

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Ruggerbugger have nude photos of American swimming megastar Michael Phelps!

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Men of Montreal – Chad Aucoin: In My Brother’s Footsteps

Introducing Chad Aucoin; Mike’s younger albeit hunkier brother. Like his sibling, this beefy jock measures 5’11′ and has piercing blue eyes. But there stops the similarities as Chad weights in at an imposing 245 lbs, which 65 lbs more that the first Aucoin to grace your computer screen. A few weeks ago, Chad started working as a male stripper and he wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps with us. So here he is performing in his first ever appearance in front of a camera. For the occasion, we thought it would be a good idea to allow this imposing jock to take a bubble bath. Chad can look intimidating, yet he is everything but. Admittedly, I wouldn’t want to cross him, but he is a really charming and reserved guy. He was definitely nervous to perform in front of the camera, but he loosened as things went along.You can tell that he enjoys posing as this seemed to be his preferred stance when we were doing the photo shoot. Nothing wrong with that as it made him at ease quickly.Unlike his brother Mike, Chad has an uncut cock. It grows to be a healthy 7 inches when he strikes a boner. Chad enjoyed the bubble bath as it turns out and by the time he was ready to shoot, his shyness had evaporated with the steamy hot bath water.Whether Chad wants to go further is a major question mark at this stage. We left him with that idea working its way into his mind.Enjoy!

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The pervy SneakyPeek cameraman has caught a hot bearded dude changing in the locker room. He dries himself and changes into clothes after his shower next to another man having no idea that he’s being filmed with his hot uncut dick caught on camera!

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Maskurbate – Manuel’s DeBirthday Bang

Manuel Deboxer was invited by a friend for a surprise birthday party. While he took a quick shower, unexpected visitors broke into his home. Manuel, face to face with the sexy robbers, first tries to defends his home but eventually his sexual desires get the better of him and he ends up having sex with them. The two well-endowed, muscular black guys thrust every inch into Deboxer’s sexy body. Though he initially had second thoughts, he quickly enjoyed the ride. They took turns and fucked Manuel’s face & ass like he never got fucked before. After they all came, Manuel called his friend and said ‘Hey, I got held back… I’m coming.’ He also could have also said he got held back and he came!

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Male Reality – Simon Clay & Val Horner

She was speechless when she caught him, and he was speechless with a cock in his mouth.

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Raging Stallion – Billy Santoro & Abraham Al Malek

The lust Billy Santoro and Abraham Al Malek have for each other is undeniable. They approach, cocks tenting the towels and they reach out to touch each other’s skin. They kiss, and the towels fall. Billy, with rock hard abs and plenty of hair, buries his face in Abraham’s armpit and tongues it in long, wet strokes. Their cocks are totally rigid as they trade blow jobs, each savoring the wet heat and oral expertise of the other’s mouth. Beads of sweat cover Billy’s furry torso when Abraham turns him around, bends him over, eats his butt, gives him a slow finger-bore, then plugs him. Billy grunts, ‘Give it to me,’ as he gets hotter from the action of Abraham’s awesome cock. Sweat pours down their faces as Abraham works out Billy’s hole. When Abraham is ready to blow his load, Billy kneels get it in the face. Billy’s own cock spurts wildly across Abraham’s magnificent body.

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Next Door Twink – Private Host

Jessie Kale can’t believe his stroke of bad luck. While on vacation with his parents, they drop him off at the resort so they can go do boring, old-people stuff. As Jessie sits in the resort lobby, Adrian Rivers, a very special private host at the resort, tries to reassure Jessie that there is indeed fun to be had. Adrian takes shows Jessie the room where he’ll be staying. This is where Adrian makes a sexual advance on the bored boy. As Adrian explains that his purpose is to make sure Jessie has a good time, he places Jessie’s hand right on Adrian’s own crotch. Jessie perks up a bit. He didn’t expect this, but he’s sure game! Soon the boys are kissing each other and caressing each other’s bodies. They remove their shirts and Jessie goes right in for a taste of Adrian’s large dick. THIS is the type of guest Adrian loves to help! Next, they move to the bed where Adrian takes Jessie’s warm cock in his mouth. Jessie can tell Adrian is passionate about his job. He can take a massive dong like a pro. Then Jessie climbs on top of Adrian to get his tight asshole fucked. Adrian knows how to properly slam the bored out of a hot guy like Jessie. Watch him prove to Jessie that there are plenty of fun things to do, right here at the resort! Enjoy!

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