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Saturday, November 15, 2014


New at TheCastingRoom, hard-bodied masculine Giorgio has a sexy curved arse and a ravenous sexual appetite. The construction business is struggling at the moment. Their loss is our gain as it’s meant a parade of sexy tough hetero lads have been coming through our door wanting to plunge into porn. If it weren’t for his need for money we would never get such close access to this fella’s cock, balls and his sacred bumhole that he won’t allow anyone to touch. Here he’s totally exposed and must pose as ordered.

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Suited and booted Master Wayne returns to BrutalTops and finds pathetic naked sub elliott waiting to be treated like shit. In the corner of an office he quivers as the sadistic Master begins his onslaught against him.

The sub is on his knees and meekly licks the feet of the Master. Ordered to remove Wayne's clothes the sub reveals the Master's impressive bulge and firm body. He is then ordered to suck Wayne's feet and the top rams his long smelly toes into the back of his sub's mouth. Elliott murmurs his objections quietly to himself.

Hearing these noises, the top uses a huge dildo which he rams into the back of the worm's mouth and makes him ream on it. The worm wretches as it bashes against the back of his throat but the top refuses to stop this harsh treatment. Eventually, the sub can take this no more and throws up all over the floor.

This excites the Mater who then orders the sad sub to push the puke-covered dildo up his foul asshole. Wayne then whips out his dick and pisses into the sub's mouth. Looking defeated and powerless, the sub has no alternative but to swallow the rancid liquid. With belt in hand, the Top screams abuse into the face of the sub and gets him to lick his cock so that the last of the piss is removed. The sub collapses on the floor with his pathetic face smearing the mess left on the ground.

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At BreederFuckers, sporty Wayne has his arms bound behind his back while wearing nothing but an athletic pair of white shorts. This hetero is terrified now he knows what we're capable of. Dave painfully twists his nipples making him moan beneath his ball-gag. He slides down Wayne's shorts to reveal his jock strap and gropes his prominent bulge. It's impossible to resist groping a bound straight guy's cock when he has nothing but a jock on. Yanking the thin fabric aside he jerks Wayne's dick making his balls tumble out as well. As he's bent over, Wayne's arse is fully exposed and invitingly pointing up in the air. Dave rams his fingers into his resistant hole. Wayne struggles and groans unable to do anything to defend his back passage. Dave takes it to the next level fucking him with a dildo and alternately flogging the fucker for resisting. Wayne needs to learn to love getting rammed up the bum, but his arsehole stubbornly pushes out anything Dave invades it with. As punishment Wayne's cock and balls are bound with a heavily weighted rope so it feels to the bound hetero that his genitals are near being torn right off. His arse still rejects the dildo shoved up him making Dave relentlessly spank his arse cheeks till the hard athlete begs for mercy beneath his gag.

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Male Reality – Julian Tomlinson & Pierre Tiger

A firm handshake tells you a lot about a man, but these guys are eager to learn a lot more than just that.

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Extra Big Dicks – Public Hole

Armond has been sexting with a well-hung hottie from a dating app which connects you directly with other men who are looking for glory holes. Armond has found Brett, who has one of the biggest fattest cocks around, and he can’t wait to see it in person. Armond is excited and in the bathroom stall already with his pants down and stroking his cock while peeking in the glory hole to see if that big cock is coming. Soon enough Armond sees Brett’s gigantic sexy cock come through the hole and Armond gets down on his knees and can’t believe his eyes. He grabs the thick meat and begins to stroke the shaft and suck the tip of the head. Brett has so much cock to play with that Armond is taking his time sucking and stroking every part of Brett’s dick. Eventually Armond’s jaw tires and he wants to fuck that big cock through the glory hole. Armond sticks his ass up against Brett’s cock, slowly pushing it into his tight asshole. Brett takes it all the way in, balls deep, and slowly picks up the pace as Armond works that juicy cock. You can see his small hole stretch each and every time Brett pushes deeper into him. Finally Brett comes around the stall and they meet face to face. Brett takes a seat on the toilet as Armond rides that stiff cock until he blows an intense load onto his smooth chest. Brett bends Armond over and blasts a bucket of cum all over his back. They then they clean up and part ways. Enjoy!

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Next Door Male – Chad Pitt

Chad Pitt is a tall, lanky Atlantic surfer with a lean build and nice long cock. Originally from the shores of North Carolina, Chad is right at home by the pool as he takes a quick dip, losing his shorts in the process. He gets out bare ass naked and decides that it’s so nice outside, why not just go au naturale, so he stretches out on a lounger and begins to fondle his massive cock. Spreading his legs, he works his cock up, fondling his balls as he plays with the head, his moppy hair flowing in the breeze as he fills up with anticipation. Perching up on his knees, he continues to stroke, smacking his stomach with the head of his dick, before laying back down and closing his eyes, throwing his head back as he strokes feverishly, launching a huge load all over his chest as his giant cock pulsates from the sensation, catching the sun’s light perfectly as Chad closes his eyes and dreams of waves.Enjoy!

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High Performance Men – Daddy Issues

Bradley is taking a break from the bar and is headed to the pisser to relieve himself. After a lengthy piss he washes his hands and checks himself out in the mirror. With his head down wiping his face Matt creeps up behind him and waits for him to turn around. Startled as he turns around but intrigued as to what Matt might do they stare in silence at one another. Matt than grabs Bradley and starts to make out with him and then throws him into the stall and tells him to get on his knees in front of the gloryhole. Matt sticks his dick through the gloryhole into Bradley’s waiting mouth and Matt starts to fuck his face nice and hard. Matt wants to see his face now so he pulls Bradley out of the stall and puts him back on his knees in front of him so he can see his eyes while fucking his wet mouth. Matt than bends Bradley over the barrel and fucks him deep and hard. Luckily no other bar patrons has entered the bathroom but these hunks don’t mind and continue to fuck in multiple positions and cum all over each other.

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