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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cody Cummings – Private Lusts

When Cody Cummings wants to indulge his most private yearnings, he goes behind closed doors. With him, he only brings the object of his desires, this time it’s a boy named Tyler Morgan. Cody has been estranged too long from the decadent pleasure of feeling a hot, sexy young man’s warm mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock. Cody’s massive erections have grown more and more desperate in this absence. But now, the incredible feelings, the intense ecstasy returns as Tyler carefully and with passion sucks the whole length of Cody’s enormous, hard dick. From the door to the washroom, they move to the fine linens of the soft bed. There, Tyler brings Cody closer with every stroke and every slurp, to that unparalleled peak of immeasurable eruption. This time, Cody’s bringing you with him. Experience the incredible sensations, feel his strength, follow him to the edge of conscious pleasure.Enjoy!

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Next Door Twink – Frosh Fuck

Fall in, FRESHMEN!!! This is the story of one Freshman boy, Dakota Wolfe, who showed up to the morning Freshman events SO eager to please, he ended up sucking and getting fucked by a senior guy, Tony Spice.It all started when Dakota ran into Tony while looking for the Freshman meet-up spot. Tony took an instant shine to Dakota. He called him an ‘eager beaver’ and dragged him by the hand over to a secluded spot behind the Senior clubhouse. Tony ordered Dakota to get on his knees and take Tony’s massive cock into his mouth. Tony knew he was taking advantage of Dakota’s desire to please, especially older boys, but he didn’t care. He actually felt like he was contributing to a better atmosphere on campus. Dakota sucked and slurped like the nervous piece of fresh meat he was. Dakota loved watching those big, overwhelmed eyes look upward toward him as his lips went fervently back and forth over the pulsating cock. Then Tony had Dakota bend over a bale of hay and take his throbbing dick deep. Dakota had never experienced anything like this before, but had anticipated trying LOTS of new things in college. This was the first time he’d been fucked like this, but he knew it probably wouldn’t be the last. After being rammed in his tight hole a few other ways by Tony before they were done, Dakota realized he was definitely gonna like college! Enjoy!

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Dylan Lucas – Ashton Miller And Seth Bond Flip Fuck!

After working out on the beach, Dylan Lucas Exclusive Seth Bond notices someone at his car. Ashton Miller was watching the surfing stud work out and decided to make a move. Seth was sweaty and hot after the workout and after seeing Ashton became horny. So before you know it these 2 hot guys are kissing and fucking all afternoon. Enjoy watching them in this scene, Ashton Miller & Seth Bond flip fucking!

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Двое голых парней на одесском вокзале искали подруг. ФОТО

Двое прибывших молодых парней шокировали одесских милиционеров, встречающих и приехавших пассажиров поездов своим видом на железнодорожном вокзале

По словам свидетелей, парни вышли из поезда абсолютно голыми и стали искать своих «спутниц». Очевидно, молодые люди стали жертвами воровок в поезде или неудачной шутки.

Maskurbate – Adam’s Smoothie

Bodybuilder Adam has become a successful personal trainer since he last appeared on Maskurbate. He’s back to give us his own after-the-gym smoothie recipe that invigorates muscles and keeps a good muscle tone. Fortunately it was so hot in my kitchen that he made himself comfortable by stripping naked while making it. In addition, he almost forgot about the special ingredient. A joy to watch! Welcome back Adam!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, Oscar has one thick heavy cock. With only the slightest stroke he grows a stiff hardon. The dirty bastard gets off on the thrill and shame of being naked and erect right in the middle of his office. The men tug mercilessly on his dick so that Oscar can't control releasing all that pent up sperm right onto the office floor. Now truly humiliated they smear cum on his tongue and beard. With no time to waste, he's ordered back to work while still stark naked.

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New in TheCastingRoom, although Edvinas is a hard straight bruiser he has piercing blue eyes and warm sensuous lips. Getting a tough construction worker like this to pose with his arse parted in the air is a dream come true. He considers himself sexually adventurous until he’s confronted with the possibilities of videos he might make. Stories of his sexual adventures might impress his buddies on the construction site, but here he’s mere meat. He has to give it all up or take off. Tall, lean and with a sexy amount of scruff, this masculine hetero bares all and grudgingly allows his uncut dick and bum to be closely inspected.

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BrutalTops introduces all-new sadistic schoolboy Master Lucas. He's being taught a boring school lesson by wormy sub and teacher elliott. The boredom of the class gets too much for Master Lucas and he can't resist the urge to inflict some damage on the idiot teacher. The handsome pupil grabs the teacher's cane and orders him to strip. The feeble sub complies and is soon on all fours on the ground with the dominant Master leering over him and thrashing his ass.

The Master strips to show an impressive dick and skinny, lean body. He shackles the sub's hands together and rams a massive dildo deep into the teacher's mouth, which makes him ream. Then he restrains the teacher's legs and connects the dildo onto a long pole with which he proceeds to forcibly pump up and down into the cringing sub's embattled hole. Lucas needs to piss so urinates all over the face of teacher elliott and makes him swallow the foul liquid down. The sub looks defeated and very embarrassed and, when still lashed down and unable to move, the sub is sat on by the menacing young Master. Lucas rams his dick deep into his mouth and makes the sub splutter with a mouthful of pre-cum.

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Male Reality – Jacob B & Marc Nelson

Boys will be boys, especially when the girlfriends aren’t there to watch them unload on each other.

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Next Door Twink – Maxim Rose

The best of strong and soft at the same time; he’s Maxim Rose. Take some time to relax and get to know this gorgeous, mysterious and sweet Twink.First learn a little bit about this sexy boy as he lets you in, telling you some intimate details about himself. He’s ready to become nude for your enjoyment…and his own. Follow him into the garage where he’s playing with a few different kinds of tools. While digging for something fun, he’s found a nice, thick dildo. Maxim knows it’s just the right size to titillate his sweet hole. Watch him jerk his beautiful cock while riding his new toy. He can’t wait for you to see the explosion he’s been saving up for you. It’ll be an intense experience for you both. Enjoy!

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Next Door Male – Mr. Shane

Mr. Shane is here to stretch your imagination and spread his charm far and wide. This lean and long SoCal beach bum can generally be found doing something active outdoors, whether it’s holding court with a basketball or just unwinding with a bit of martial arts. Spreading out on the sofa, he watches a scene as his towel falls open, exposing his hard cock, begging for some attention. Mr. Shane takes his cock delicately between his two fingers, slightly massaging the head as he folds his legs, his blue eyes twinkling in the tv light. He stands, stroking his cock as he takes a step closer to the television, then sits down and throws his leg over the arm of the sofa as he begins to stroke in earnest, flogging his dick until it spits its load in a dripping puddle on his stomach and chest. Sweaty and exhausted, he throws his head back against the back of the sofa and watches the final credits roll.Enjoy!

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At BreederFuckers handsome Lucas struts around the streets like he owns them. Popular. Young. Physically fit. Captain of his college’s football team. His status changes quickly once he’s lured down into a deep dark basement where two bad men strong arm him into submission. Now he’s nothing but meat for men to enjoy and train into being a proper 18 year old cock slave. Fresh from a work out his hairy pits and filthy trainers smell ripe and masculine. He’s bound in place so the men can have unimpeded access to his body. Once he’s restrained those track suit bottoms slide down so easily to reveal his tight muscular arse. Lucas’ breathing rapidly increases and his eyes shine with terror as the men perv over his body and destroy his clothes so that he now must remain permanently exposed. His penis is fondled by another man for the first time including having his long silky foreskin tugged on and his big full balls squeezed. Tied to the wall he’s made to give the answers these men want with a severe flogging given to his torso, cock and arse when he answers incorrectly. He may be able to protect his bum from his teammates in the shower but here his arse cheeks are spread to reveal his tight rubbery hole. The men ram their fingers up his hole making sporty Lucas thrash, moan and break out in a sweat all over. They want to leave him to think about his new position. His nipples are clamped and tied to his cock. A bucket is attached which Dave fills with piss so that his pert little nipples are yanked painfully down. Lucas is made excruciatingly aware of his nudity every second while he’s shackled down in this dank basement.

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