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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Raging Stallion – Abraham Al Malek & Sean Zevran

Dressed in work boots and jeans, Abraham Al Malek and Sean Zevran are a striking example of blue-collar testosterone. After a deep kiss, Abraham rips the jeans off Sean, revealing his rigid erection. Abraham wraps his thick dick sucking lips around Sean’s pole. Streams of saliva flow to the ground as Sean aggressively face-fucks hairy Abraham, who puts so much energy into the action, his body becomes covered with sweat. Abraham’s muscular ass is next on Sean’s list. Grabbing a cheek in each hand and spreading them, Sean plunges into Abraham’s crack to give a full-force rimming. As he enjoys Abraham’s hole, Sean sly looks at you, and his mischievous expression seems to say, ‘This ass is all mine — watch me devour it!’ It gets Abraham so worked up, he jumps on Sean’s cock: Abraham controls the speed, depth and angle of penetration, maximizing the ecstasy of riding Sean’s thick pole. They moan together as if urging the other on to greater pleasure, and end with thick, heavy loads of cum spewing in all directions.

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Next Door World – Buddies Audition: Mr. Shane

Stretched out on the casting couch is Mr. Shane, a tall drink of water with jeweled blue-eyes and a long and willing cock. Putting in overtime is all Mr. Shane does, so when Markie sits down next to him he’s already amped and ready to go, stripping off his shorts so Markie can inspect his goods, he leans back on the chaise lounge as Markie gags on his dick, using his long arms to simultaneously reach back and finger Markie’s waiting hole. Markie chokes himself on Shane’s dick and once it’s nice and hard, bends over as Mr. Shane does goes to work, shoving his head into the sofa, pounding him from behind and then busting his nut all over Markie’s ass.Enjoy!

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Men of Montreal – Topping The Italian Stalion

Kyle was hanging out in the bedroom reading the local gay mag while he was waiting for his scene partner the finish his shower. He has stripped down to his briefs making it obvious that he was anxious to get it on with our Italian stud. Emilio was getting ready for his scene but was unaware that Kyle and big fat cock would be his partner of the day.When Emilio made it into the bedroom, he was pleasantly surprised that Marko Lebeau had paired him up with Kyle. They had met some time ago and had hit it off. So Emilio loves to hook up with guys he senses good chemistry with. You can always count on our guys lining themselves up on the latest bad boy fashion look, and today was no exception. We aren’t too crazy about this new trend in haircuts, where the sides are shaved to the skin and the top left to grow, but both our guys were sporting this new style… Let’s hope this new trend fades away soon!!With little preliminaries, Emilio dropped his towel, started kissing a relaxed Kyle and soon got on his knees to do some serious cock sucking. From this point on these two were totally into each other. We are starting to get a serious rivalry going with our guys competing to become our best bottom. Felix Brazeau, Emilio Calabria and now Kyle Champagne Kyle who, a few weeks backs, took it up the ass and liked it so much that he now prefers to ride a cock. But, faced with an equally hungry bottom in Emilio, he took on the duties of topping our inked buff Italian bottom.These guys went on and on and we just tried keeping up. So, sit back, grab your pecker and have some fun watching these two going at it.

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Falcon Studios – Sean Zevran & Luke Adams

At night, the white fabric of a tent that’s lit up from the inside reveals silhouettes of all the action going down: Sean Zevran and Luke Adams abandoned the communal campfire to kindle their own flame. The next morning, Sean’s dick is still hard for Luke. Luke puts his mouth to work again on the fat uncut cock he serviced the night before. Every so often, Sean pulls Luke up to suck his own precum off Luke’s lips. Luke fucks Sean’s mouth; Sean buries his face between the hard, muscular cheeks of Luke’s ass. Sean signals his intentions by teasing the crack of Luke’s ass with his cock. Luke’s desire to be fucked is met with deep penetration, doggy style. Luke spreads his hole wider, collapsing as Sean drills him into the bed. Vibrations rock Luke’s entire body as his cock begins to erupt. Sean intensifies the speed and depth of his pounding, pulling his cock out at the last minute to release an avalanche of white cum across Luke’s torso.

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Bound Jocks – Tyler Rush And Elijiah Wood

Bound jock Tyler Rush is tied up on his knees in the middle of the locker room. Young stud Elijiah Wood enters and verbally abuses the jock. Elijiah pulls out his massively long and hard cock and jams it down Tyler’s throat causing the boy to gag with delight. Elijiah aggressively spits in his victim’s face as he demands more and more oral service. In the end Elijiah pushes Tyler so far forward that he’s hanging in the air, so he can rim Tyler’s perfectly smooth bubble butt.

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Men Over 30 – Gym Buddies

Matt and Alessio have just finished a rugged workout and now they are resting, talking about how great it was before they hit the showers. While they are talking they have kept a close eye on Benjamin as he walks in and gets undressed and heads to the shower. They watch him showering, and check him out talking about his sweet ass and how they should join him. They strip down and join him in the shower and instantly they both get down on their knees to service Benjamin’s fat dick. Two eager mouths taking turns licking and sucking as the water beats down on all of them. They pull a train in the shower and Benjamin licks clean Matt’s sexy ass as Alessio cleans up Benjamin from behind. All three watered down men lined up eating and slapping each other’s asses. After the shower they take turns fucking Matt up against the lockers until everyone gets their fill and once they do they unleash all the creamy juices. Enjoy!

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Next Door Buddies – First Resort

As Jordan Evans calmly sips his wine on the veranda awaiting his guest, he takes in the majesty and beauty of the estate resort he’s created. The sun is warm and the breeze is blowing, just as Arad joins him at the table. Jordan takes Arad on a tour of the grounds, and Arad is impressed, but truth be told, the only thing he really wants to investigate deeper is what’s inside Jordan’s pants, so when Jordan shows him the inside of one of the cabana suites, Arad seizes the opportunity to make his move, grabbing Jordan by the belt and throwing him onto the bed, ripping his clothes off and pushing Jordan down his perfectly sculpted body. Arad is built like a Greek god, a fact that is not lost on Jordan as he inches his way down his companion’s body. Jordan takes Arad’s cock into his mouth, getting it nice and hard, flicking his tongue on the head and teasing Arad, until Arad can take more, and bends Jordan over the side of the bed, plunging his rock hard cock deep inside of Jordan. Jordan pushes back and Arad runs his hand along Jordan’s back, flipping him over onto his back as he continues to pound away, then mounting Jordan and letting him go for a ride. Jordan puts his hands above his head, grinding and riding Arad’s cock until he’s ready to explode, which he does all over himself as Arad simultaneously blasts him with a healthy load of his own. ‘Quite the rewards program your resort has,’ Arad thinks to himself as he quivers in the aftermath. Enjoy!

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Male Reality – Nick Gill & Alex Granger

It’s important for a boss to know what his employees are doing at all times and to reprimand them when necessary.

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COLT Studio Group – COLT Man Buck Santiago

With his chiseled torso, rock-hard abs and a sexy penetrating stare, shirtless COLT Man Buck Santiago makes a wonderful first impression in his COLT debut. In his luxurious and modern home Buck’s intense sexual energy fills the screen. Opening up to the camera, Buck sheds his jeans and displays a truly gifted piece of uncut manhood. Sensuously stroking the long inches of his shaft Buck’s man-juice surges in a stream of white hot cum shooting high. A great first impression indeed and a welcome addition to the COLT Stable of Men.

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