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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Male Reality – Martin Love & Ali Montero

She thought they were best friends, she didn’t know they shared everything, and we mean everything.

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Hot House – Sean Duran & Luke Adams

A playful round of punches in the cage between Sean Duran and Luke Adams turns into a battle for topping rights! Luke is no match for Sean’s powerful, muscled body, and he submits to Sean’s sexual desires. Kneeling in defeat, Luke gets to servicing Sean’s hefty cock. Sean pulls off Luke’s boxing shorts and overwhelms Luke with oral pleasure. Sean can’t keep his hands off Luke’s asshole either, using spit from the blowjob as lube. Spreading his ass wide, Luke submits to an incredible anal drilling. They stand up and lean against the chain link cage for support as Sean continues to pound his huge cock deep into Luke’s tight hole. Judging by his huge boner, Luke loves the feeling of Sean dominating him, and Luke jerks himself to orgasm while Sean is still fucking him. Sean shoots his load just after Luke; it’s an epic cum-filled finish for this hot match!

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Extra Big Dicks – Wet Inches

Its’ another day at the gym for Mario and another shower to get all the sweat off before calling it a day but it looks like Mario has a voyeur in the midst. Mike can’t keep his eyes off Mario’s huge thick uncut cock and doesn’t know what to do except stroke himself while Mario cleans up. Mike isn’t really hiding more like standing out in the open so Mario can see what he is doing. Mario calls him over and rams his tongue down his throat than pushes him down to his knees so Mike can get a taste at what he’s been staring at all day. Mike does his best to deep throat that big thick meat but he can only go so far until he gags and has to come back up for air. Mikes in the zone taking great care of Mario’s cock but he’s ready to get it deep inside Mike’s small tight hole which might be fun to squeeze into but he’ll go slow at first. Mike takes a couple deep breaths and slides right down that massive uncut beast riding it like a champ showing Mario he can take it fast slow and deep. Mike’s round little bottom has gripped hold and won’t let go until Mario cums all over him. Looks like Mike is the first one to pop and even after his hot load has been unleashed he opens his honey hole once again for Mario so he can blow his creamy load all over Mikes back.Enjoy!

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COLT Studio Group – Sean Lawrence

Starring Sean Lawrence

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Next Door Twink – Pajama Bottom

When Daniel Ross wakes up for class in his new dorm, he realizes the shower is occupied…bummer! He’ll just have to wait. But while he does, there’s no harm in taking a peek at who’s washing up! Turns out it’s Ace Parker, the hot upper classman on Daniel’s hall. Daniel’s wanted to see Ace naked since they first met, and now’s his chance!Daniel watches the Ace soap up his entire deliciously chiseled body. As he peers from around the door, Daniel touches himself, squeezing his growing boner. When Daniel slips on a corner of wet linoleum and bumps against the wall, blowing his cover, Ace is shocked. But he’s also intrigued. He turns the water off and the two go to each other, finally embracing and kissing. Daniel sucks Ace’s beautiful, freshly washed cock for a few moments before the boys take the quickly escalating action back into Daniel’s room. They lay on his bed, where they kiss even more passionately. Ace soon goes down and has a good, long taste of Daniel’s sweet dick. Then Daniel enjoys a mouthful of Ace’s strong cock. After the intense oral session, Daniel allows Ace to slide his throbbing dong into him. The hard, meaty dick feels good. Daniel knew a cool guy like Ace would know how to fuck. Join this dorm room sex party where a couple of good students decide to be naughty for the day.Enjoy!

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Dylan Lucas – Seth Bond Shoots His Load Into His Mouth

Starring Seth Bond

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Maskurbate – Randy

Patience is a virtue. Almost a year after I made him an offer to appear on Maskurbate, Randy finally accepted. The tallest model to date (6’5) is also a great athlete. He plays hockey all year rond. It’s his passion. So days before Christmas I get to meet him for the first time. He really is a gentle giant. A little bit shy, always smiling, in a good mood and ready to help anyone in need. A really good guy! Of course when we say giant, we wonder if he’s big everywhere. In fact he was kind of modest when he told me his dick was 8 inches long. It was more like 8.5 to 9 in my opinion but due to his height, it looked average. Even if he looks really calm and reserved, Randy has a sexual wild side. He loves sex. He loves women in uniform. When asked where was the most unusual place he had sex, he answered:’I had sex in a little blue chemical toilet during a rock concert’. Randy is definitely a great addition to Maskurbate.Enjoy!

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Men of Montreal – Gabriel Clark, Emilio Calabria & Ben Rose

US Thanksgiving Weekend… Football is a great excuse to bring guys together for a little competitive spirit. Indeed, for four days on the last weekend of November, it is almost non-stop football playing on American networks. So, why bother stuffing a turkey when you can stuff one or two of your buddies and give thanks that they are there. Well this is exactly what Gabriel Clark, Emilio Calabria & Ben Rose had in mind (or was it?!) when they stripped naked, bonded and watched Thursday’s match up in nothing else but their birthday suits, asses in the air and dicks dangling. Who was this game’s winner? We will let you be the judge of this one. It’s all a matter of perspective. Would you rather be a wide receiver, a line backer or a tight end.

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