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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cody Cummings – It Takes Two

Today Cody’s relaxing on the couch with not one, but two beautiful twink boys – Tyler Morgan and Blake Stone. Everybody needs a little TLC now and then, and today Tyler and Blake will be taking care of Cody’s urges. Clad in bright neon leggings, Cody stretches out his powerful legs, his feet beckoning to the two twinks who are eager to please.Their tongues probe between his toes as they suck and nibble, hungrily making their way up to a much bigger prize. The cock bulge poking through Cody’s leggings is tangible, and it grows and grows as it aches to be released. Tyler and Blake expose his manhood with a smile, taking turns giving Cody’s thick cock their undivided attention. And Cody’s cock is more than big enough to share!On his back, Blake licks Cody’s balls as Tyler works on Cody’s big shaft, pausing only to admire the stud’s chiseled torso. Then it’s Tyler’s turn to get serviced, as cock-hungry slut Blake switches between Tyler’s dick and Cody’s, and he can’t get enough of either. After so much stimulation, some quick tugs bring all three to burst, leaving a hot mess across Cody’s lap.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net, Rob has been blackmailed by the girls to submitting to whatever they want to do with him. Stripped down they are thrilled to be taking advantage of the big naked sporty boy, the guy they’ve fancied for ages. Now they have him and grab hold of his tender penis, fascinated by how it stiffens under their grasp. Rob becomes very nervous as he can’t control his excitement or the feeling that he’s about to cum!

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In the new video at CFNMTV.com, with his backside still burning painfully from the repeated penetration, the idea of shooting his load seems impossible to Paul. But he knows the two women have the upper hand and he cannot risk disobeying their orders. They grab his sensitive cock and manipulate him till he can’t help shooting a huge load of cum right in the middle of the office!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Boxers are accustomed to being physically close to other men. At CMNM.net, macho champion Henry has never experienced anything like this session with these expensive top photographers and feels intense embarrassment being so exposed and humiliated for their special artistic shoot. Despite being a big tough powerhouse he’s essentially a lunkhead and utterly obedient to his manager’s demands giving the pervy photographers free reign to use and abuse the naked body of this athletic brute.

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Lumberjack fantasies are very in vogue and bearded fit hetero Ross fits that persona better than any man who has been in TheCastingRoom before! This is the type of man we'd like to wrangle with naked in nature. Tattooed with a mean stare, tight foreskin and full hairy arse, this man is really a gentle burly giant. His cock becomes absolutely huge and smells potently manly when Ross becomes fully erect. Don't miss out on watching his full-on arsehole exam and masturbation test!

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At BrutalTops, handsome psycho schoolboy Charlie returns to continue his humiliating treatment of pathetic sub elliott. The sub is completely nude and the Master orders him to remove the Master'c clothes and reveal his hairy legs and sexy body. On his knees, the sub licks Charlie's feet before he is pulled up to lick the sweaty armpits of the top. He has to lap the pits clean before he runs his tongue all over the schoolboy's body.

The snarling Master is now naked and bends over to reveal his stinky arsehole. He spreads open his cheeks and commands the sub to push his nose up his crack and lick his hole. This the sub does, all the time quietly complaining at the harsh treatment. Having his anus licked excites the top who orders the sub to lie on his back before he sits heavily on his face thereby giving elliott full access to the Master's filthy rear. The sub laps away like an obedient dog. The top them turns over to push his by now hardening dick deep into the sub's mouth and thrusts his hips to fully spread open elliott's worthless mouth.

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