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Friday, January 9, 2015

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

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In the new video at CFNMTV, fresh from yet another successful swimming competition, John Naylor is on a high. The confident young athlete is the darling of the press and gets a lot of media attention. This has enabled him to negotiate very lucrative sponsorship deals that have earned him a lot of money. Before he can leave the games he’s surrounded by officials who have some difficult questions about his performance and demand a thorough naked physical examination.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, many have lusted after athletic Kirk's prize arse and cock seeing him dressed only in tight-fitting shorts in countless sports reports and ads for his gym. Now these loan sharks get to use and taste every inch of his big dick, heavy balls and firm arse. They excitedly inhale the masculine scent of this stud's crotch. Kirk is filled with shame as his sensitive cock responds to the stimulation making him grow a burning hard erection.

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At TheCastingRoom, hetero Claud knows he’s got a good body and strong sex drive. This is the first time he’s been naked on camera so he is completely inexperienced. All this lunk head knows how to do is fuck so he must be strongly directed in how to show off his body to the best effect. Given some time and a pressing need for cash he might relax his strict policy of no sexual contact with other men. Until then we get to view this hard-bodied stud stripped down, baring his arse and giving an explosive cum shot.

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Football player and psychotic Master Jack encounters a naked, defeated sub alone and waiting for his next batch of harsh treatment to be dished out. The menacing Master orders the squirming sub to lick his armpits until they are clean. Then he orders the sub to strip off all his clothes and reveal the top's incredible body and smelly arsehole. The Master spreads his buttocks and the sub has to push his nose deep into the top's odorous crack.

This excites Jack who soon sports a raging erection which is jammed into the back of elliott's mouth, making him ream. Spittle and droll runs down Jack's dick and out of the side of the sub's weak mouth.

The top then needs to get his arse cleaned properly so sits on the face of the pathetic sub and grinds his hips so that every part of his hole is pushed against the nose and mouth of the sub underneath. The worm is powerless to prevent this degrading treatment and soon the aroused top can be heard moaning with pleasure.

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